Singapore offers unlimited possibilities to spend your free time in a memorable way. In this post we decided to find some ways in which guests in the Garden City can get close to nature. We found four lovely places of refuge, where one get get to know the animal kingdom better. Enjoy the ride!

1. Singapore Night Safari

Known as the world’s first wild animal park to be visited after dark, Singapore Night Safari is a travel experience that is both interesting and intense. The wildlife park hosts around 900 species of animals and birds, brought here from various parts of the world.

The entrance fee for Singapore Night Safari is around $63 (in October 2022). People generally spend between one to four hours here, enjoying a magnificent multi-tangible walk that offers exciting encounters, and gives a close view at the zoo’s dynamic living space and untamed life.

lion night Safari Singapore

Book Singapore Night Safari Tickets and prepare for your guided journey in English, Japanese, Mandarin and three extra dialects. The tour will take the guest through seven geographic zones including the Himalayan Lower regions Indian Subcontinent, Tropical Africa and the Indo-Malayan District. Asian Riverine Woodland, Nepalese Waterway Valley and Burmese Slope.

A phenomenal nightlife walk in Singapore, the safari will give full delight to everybody in the family.

The recreation area offers two memorable ways to visit the park. The first is a cable car ride which comes with several vantage points from where you can witness wildlife: the Malayan tiger, White African lions, elephants, Pivot deers, Rhinoceros and many other beautiful and surprising creatures.

The other choice is strolling along the paths and having a cozy experience with animals like sloth bears, lion fishing felines, tigers and Asian otters!

2. River Safari Singapore

Singapore is known for its renowned River Safari or River Wonders, meant to bring its visitors closer to nature. Completed in 2011, River Wonders Singapore is a large zoo and a river-themed aquarium located in the region of Mandai.

River Safari Singapore Tickets cost around $30 and you can also book online. Some of the ‘guests’ here include the sweet Pandas from the Yangtze River, the jeopardized stream otter which can reach 1.8 meters in length, Mekong monster catfish or the Chinese Goliath Lizard.

When visiting, you can either take walks in the green riverside areas or take a boat ride to discover the wildlife around this river-themed park.

3. Adventure Cove Waterpark

This original adventure park in Singapore merges thrilling waterslides and encounters with marine life.

Home to the first hydro-magnetic coaster in Southeast Asia, the Riptide Rocket, the park offers the chance to experience high water speeds and lovely forest views at the same time.

Snorkeling with around 20000 tropical fish is another highlight of the waterpark. The entrance ticket is around $23 for a full day and can also be purchased online.

4. Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is close to the MRT Shelter Lay station and is Asia’s greatest bird safe-haven, with more than the 5,000 types of birds spread through 20.2 hectares of land space.

The admission ticket fee starts at $25 and includes unlimited tram rides inside the park, hand-feeding the birds, as well as guided talks about some of the species.

Photo credits: Terence Ong

So here you have it, four exciting theme parks in Singapore where you can get close and personal with some of the world’s most loved animals. What are your favorite spots in the Lion City?


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