Architects Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson have conceived an innovative 224-meter-high spherical resort named “Moon.” Aside from accommodating a hotel and shpping venues, the building aims to offer a unique lunar experience inside, organized on a three-story circular podium.


The central element of the construction belonging to Canada-based company Moon World Resorts Inc., is a 224-meter-high structure enclosed within the world’s largest built sphere. The exterior design will mimick the surface of the (real) moon.

The sphere, reminiscent of designs by architect Richard Buckminster Fuller, will be encapsulated by a steel frame, covered in a carbon-fiber composite, and equipped with solar panels for sustainable power generation.

Moon-shaped-resort Dubai

Within the spherical structure, a 20-story hotel will feature the lunar experience, replicating the moon’s surface and incorporating a detailed working lunar colony. This lunar colony, spread across 10 acres, will serve as a space for guest visits and astronaut training. Henderson envisions the colony hosting global corporations and space agencies, showcasing their technologies alongside a university campus component.

Moon Resort Dubai

To bring this visionary project to life, Henderson and Matthews established Moon World Resorts organization, with plans to license the concept for implementation in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The estimated cost of each resort is $5 billion, with an anticipated annual visitor count of 10 million. Dubai is expected to be the location for the first Moon Resort, with the grand opening planned for 2025.

the Moon resort Dubai

In contrast to other speculative proposals, Henderson firmly stated that the Moon is a feasable project that will adorn Dubai’s skyline. The design of the resort shares similarities with spherical music venues planned in the following years for London and Las Vegas.

“As Musk, Bezos and Branson brilliantly seek out the next frontier; MOON will deliver a dynamic and authentic experience on planet earth; available to all, not merely a few’, said Sandra G. Matthews & Michael R. Henderson, Co-Founders of Canadian based Moon World Resorts Inc.

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