Open from May to October, the Seaside Cave Restaurant at Hotel Grotta Palazzese in the town of Polignano a Mare in southern Italy promises unique dining. Naturally lit by the aqua marine reflectionfrom the waters, the summer cavern has been the scene of many a romantic moments since local nobility held banquets here in the 1700s.
Italian restaurant inside cave

We read some of the reviews of this hotel and it seems people share different opinions regarding their stay. However, everyone seems to agree on two things: the location of this restaurant is spectacular and the food… very pricey. Built inside a vaulted limestone cave and overlooking the powerful sea waves, we imagine that just being here is an experience in itself- especially if you arrive at 7.30 p.m. to witness the sunset.

Grotta-Palazzese lovelyThe hotel has 18 rooms literally hanging on the cliffside. Their design is modern- minimalist, in stark contrast with the raw nature of the neighbouring cliffs.

grotta hotel modern

Grottos have long captured the human imagination with their mysterious allure. These natural caverns, often hidden deep within mountains or along coastal cliffs, have served as settings for myths, legends, and countless tales of adventure. Today, some visionary restaurateurs have harnessed the enchantment of grottos, transforming these geological wonders into extraordinary dining experiences. This is the case with this restaurant, which we hope you will find as interesting as we do. exterior restaurant inside cave


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