Äscher cliff restaurant is nestled between steep-sided valleys and spectacular mountain peaks in Switzerland. This small wooden cabin merges with the rock behind in a perfect architecture balance.

#Getting there

You can access the restaurant by taking a cable car from Wasserauen-Ebenalp and the hiking for 15 min across the Wildkirchli caves, for about 700 meters.

Views of the Alps are truly fantastic here, providing a genuine experience for non-experienced hikers as well.

For the brave, there is also the option of hiking all the way (the trip from Wasserauen station lasts about three hours, but it’s worth the treck). The high plateau open views of the Appenzell hill-landscape, Lake Constance and the Alpstein mountain chain.

The short footage below will give you a better idea about the spectacular location:


# Opening times

A visit here can compliment any holiday in Switzerland that is “scheduled” between early May and late October each year. Breakfast time starts at 7.30 and warm food is available all day long.

Photo credit @wesbran

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