Some people say El Cotillo is a comforting refuge, laid back and friendly. This former fishing village has it all: an unaltered character, beautiful beaches and lagoons, memorable sunsets, tummy-loving tapas and even art works, if you know where to look.

So let’s take a deeper dive into the mesmerizing atmosphere of El Cotillo, Canary Islands’ friendliest village.

El Cotillo is located in the Northeren part of Fuerteventura Island, one of the seven Canary islands, near the resort town of Corralejo. It has about 1650 inhabitants (2020 data). However, when tourism blooms, its population can grow up to 4 times. This usually happens in August,  El Cotillo’s busiest tourist month, when the tiny village hosts up to 6000 people per day.

# 10 Reasons to Visit El Cotillo, Spain

Authenticity. If you ventured all the way to Fuerteventura, then you must be looking for peace, authenticity and raw nature. And you will find them in heavy amounts in this lovely former fishing village.

Friendly faces. This is a place where you are likely to stumble across the same people day after day, if you plan on staying longer. The community here is expansive and friendly, so put a smile on and enjoy the conversation. Spanish, English, body gestures, whatever floats your boat.

Memorable walks. Go North of the village and you will find plenty of places to walk along yellow paths full of soft sand. In fact, the entire area around El Cotillo is a haven for slow-pacers. Enjoy the serenity of the beaches, breathe deeply and engrave the scenery deep in your long-term memory.

Beaches. Many travelers prefer to come to El Cotillo not just for its unspoiled feel, but also because of its diverse beaches, some of the loveliest on the island. And this is indeed an impressive feature of the village, especially when considering that Fuerteventura is home to more than 150 beaches. El Cotillo, Spain

The beaches of El Cotillo are usually small beaches, not commonly overcrowded. Ideal for those seeking tranquility and perfect for couples and families. Los Lagos is one of those beaches, a succession of small coves and lagoons of white sand that cover almost a kilometer in length.

La Caleta del Marrajo is located further north, and is formed by a large esplanade of white sand and crystal clear and calm waters, ideal for snorkeling. A little further north, already at the edge of the island, you can dind Los Charcos, about 5 km away from El Cotillo, also with white sand and not very frequented.

To the south of the town search for Piedra Playa, which is far from the characteristic image of the beaches of El Cotillo, as it has somewhat darker sand. Its strong waves make it more frequented by lovers of kitesurfing and surfing than by bathers.

Lagoons. The Lagoons of El Cotillo are absolutely magical, with warm and soothing water, shallow enough for children to play in. You can find them between the lighthouse and Caleton Beach, but also on the north part, leading to Corralejo.

Sunsets. El Cotillo is home to some of the most amazing sunsets and you can witness the magic while on the beach, or from the bohemian terraces and coffee houses.

Food. Expect to pay around $26 per person per day for exquisite food. Some say Fuerteventura is the best island in the Canaries for indulging taste buds. Papas arrugadas (boiled and baked patatos) with mojo sauce (made from a mix of cumin, olive oil, garlic and vinegar) are one of the famous Canary island dishes. But do try sea food, in its many varieties.

Windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing and snorkeling. You have come to the right place if windsurfing is your thing. El Cotillo is not only one of the best places to windsurf in Fuerteventura, but also a perfect spot for apprentices. There are quite a few surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing schools in the area,  where you can try out your skills. The lagoons of El Cotillo are shallow enough for amator divers. Just grab your snorkeling glasses and equipment and head to the most rocky places next to the beach. You are likely to spot some of the many species of fish (some say there are up to 30 different species) and even manta rays.

The village harbours of El Cotillo. The village has two harbors, one old and one new. Strolling through the old harbour of El Cotillo, you are likely to find some interesting works of art. Each of them has ingrained a bohemian charm, so be sure to visit both.

A good spot for visiting the island. The old fishing village is located 20 minutes away by bus from the colorful and more vibrant Corralejo, which is an important tourist spot of the island and also the second largest, after Fuerteventura’s capital, Puerto del Rosario. You can also rent a car and go South, towards Morro Jable, passing by lovely beaches along the way.

So there you have it, just a few reasons why you El Cotillo should be on your to-visit list while in the Canary Islands. What fishing village do you have a crush on? And how do you usually spend your time in a laid-back, slow-motion-type-of-place?


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