Boost up your energy, and get ready to tackle the steep hills, mountaintops, and slippery muds that come with the trekking experience. Get lost in mesmerizing sceneries and find yourself in awe of the beautiful nature. Tick off your bucket list on these popular hiking destinations you must conquer. From the mesmerizing glaciers in the French, Italian and Swiss Alps to the dramatic peaks of the Himalayas, here are six hiking trails you should experience!

#Hiking Bulgaria’s Mountains

These days going to cities are palling, and we continuously look for a breathtaking experience where new adventures await. Hiking gets the enormous attention of those who love an engaging venture. See abundant wildlife like wild boars, brown bears, wild goats, and even wolves in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria. Moreover, enjoy the 2000 different floras in the mountain together with the 90 endemic species of plants of the Balkan Peninsula. Some of the trees here include wild pear, oak, black and white pine, hornbeam and ash tree. Think of going on a safari, while also enjoying the benefits of relaxation through sports.

#Tour Du Mont Blanc

If you are up to conquer the highest peak in Western Europe, Mont Blanc is the place for you. Experience multiple challenges through trekking in Italy, France and Switzerland. This hike is a 170 kilometers route, and it usually takes 11 days for adventurers to finish it.

Feel like walking into paradise while on this trek, and when the sun comes down, get to encounter different people from different sides of the world as you set up your tents or as you choose to stay in charming huts along the way. On this trip, you’ll find yourself spying the peaks of the most stunning Alps, admiring glaciers, rivers, alpine goats, lizards, snakes, and jumping fishes.

#Old Rag, USA

The name Old Rag came from a billion-year-old “Old Rag” granite. Rock climbers in 1930 up to the present are still dying to the idea of rock climbing. This Blue Ridge Mountain is situated 100 miles southwest of Washington D.C. As you climb up the rocks of Old Rag mountain, you can witness 850 species of flowering plants, including showy orchids, wild ginger, saxifrage, and trillium, and so on. There is a wildflower weekend event during May to showcase the floras. If you don’t want to encounter a vast crowds while visiting the site, avoid climbing in midweek of winter. Brace yourselves as you walk through thick deciduous forest, a stairway of feldspar and quartz, trails of granite boulders before you reach the real summit with the view of Shenandoah National Park, 200,000 acre of pristine beauty.

#Three Capes Track, Tasmania

As your feet bring you to Tasmania, Australia, take the chance to visit the Three Capes Track. Experience an extraordinary journey as you conquer the sea and witness the dolphins, migratory whales, and fur seals before you start the real treck. Four days and three nights stay in the area are advisable as you will be required to stop in each overnight cabin. Worrying is not an option on this trip because you can still pack light since the overnight stop comes with cozy mattresses, gas cooktops, and tables wherein you can get along with overnighters in the area and forge some new friendships. Enjoy the staggering views and panoramic decks as you also get close with nature.

#Everest Base Camp Treck, Nepal

The world’s highest mountain that steals many hiker’s hearts. It is a trekker’s dream to hike this breathtaking mountain with a tight restriction. Climbers need to secure a permit first to before facing the cold breeze of the snowy mountain in Nepal.

The Everest Base Camp Treck sits tall at 5360 meters and is usually reached over a period of 9 days, with 2 days of acclimatization.  The ascent is via Katmandu, the capital of Nepal. Enjoy a pilgrimage through the Khumbu valley with unforgettable views of the impressive Himalayas.

#Banff, Canada

Have a good time traversing the astonishing view of the UNESCO World Heritage site and Canada’s oldest national park. The perfectly lined up pines on the forest and the turquoise Vista lake will leave you breathless as you navigate the beauty of Banff. Elk, deers, sheep, bears are common in this area. A view of Mount Assiniboine with its pyramidal peak can be a highlight of your trip. Lay your eyes in the white glaciers blanketing the limestone summits, glacial lakes, and forest filled with wildlife as you indulge in majestic sceneries.

Hiking is a way of reconnecting to nature, to strangers, to family and friends. It can also test your patience, your ability to conquer challenges, and you can find yourself by doing different activities like trekking. It can positively affect your way of thinking, mood, and reduce stress level. Wanderlust to the world’s geological features and continue to be impressed.


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