This 2D Café in Seoul, South Korea, made us instantly think of trippy scenes from the movie Waking Life. According to Post Magazine, Cafe Yeonnamdong 239-20 was in fact inspired by a local television show named ‘W‘, in which the characters seem to be trapped between the real world and cartoons.

And what’s most important, this is the exact feeling that guests experience upon entering this space. Crossing over into a 2D dimension is not only puzzling, but exhilarating for the young visitors who- from the official opening in November 2018- turned the cafe into one of the most popular venues on Instagram.

Enjoy the visual introduction put together by the crazy original staff:

You can find the black and white café together with its strange 2D illusions in the posh neighborhood of Yeonnam, in Western Seoul. Unlike some of the cafes you may be used to in Europe or the US, this place is quite small and a list of rules at the entrance asks you to be considerate towards the other people inside. Although some of the drinks may come in regular glasses, you can not go wrong with a coffee, which is sure to come in an illustrated mug.

2D cafe Seoul

So what makes this 2D café one of the trendiest in Korea right now? Probably the way this two-dimensional idea was put into action. You have black and white walls, curtains, floors and furniture, all without a sense of depth. The line drawing was also applied to the dishes, mugs and even cutlery.

Luckily, the goodies in the menu are anything but 2D, with delicious smoothies, coffees, cupcakes, croissant sandwiches and cheesecakes, all within a reasonable price range. There is even a lovely terrace available outside, perfectly fit for a group of friends.

If all these images look slightly familiar to you, know that this is not the first cafe of its kind. Japan has also opened a 2D Cafe in Tokyo, earlier this year. Located in the Shin Okubo neighborhood, the venue is also sprung out of a comic book.

black and white 2D cafe


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