Do you often feel like you have no creative skills? Guess what, you are no alone. The majority of people in fact have this common misconception that they lack creativity. We often watch our friends and family enjoying their creative endeavors in envy and feel this deep, unquenchable longing in us.

We want to express ourselves through creative means, but we feel that we don’t have the talent or the inner gift for it. Everyone has the potential to express their creative side, but their inner voice tells them that they are not talented enough like other creative individuals and stops themselves from even trying something out.

Creativity is about more than just being talented in some artistry. Most of us don’t even understand what it means to be creative.

Even if you recognize yourself as a creative person and have the talent for it, you might find it difficult to express yourself because of creative blockage or outer limitations. By following the steps below, you can begin to set your inner creativity free.

# Recognize the Creativity in Everything You Do

Suppose you have a job that you think does not require any creative skill. Whether you are washing dishes or balancing checkbooks, you might think the kind of work that doesn’t display some flashy artistry, requires no creativity.

That is where your thinking is wrong. Whatever you are doing, whether cleaning the bathroom or working as a cashier, everything you do needs creativity.

Every time you brainstorm for ways to become more efficient or even do a job faster, you are tapping into your inner creativity. Your creative side helps to find solutions every moment you think of doing something better.

The analytic part of your brain won’t be able to function or grow without your inner creativity, so you use them together every day, any time you try to do something different or better.

Try to recognize the creativity in every menial action you take and this will stop you from feeling like any outer influence and circumstance is limiting your inner potential.

# Find Ways To Express Your Creativity

Now that you know everything you do needs you to be creative, you might want to find specific ways to express your creativity. Whether you have a particular outlet or not, always try out new and easy ways you can practice and harness your talent.

Suppose you are a singer but your vocal condition is poor today or you are a writer going through writer’s block, find another outlet to free your creative blockage. You don’t have to be super talented at it. Just try a new outlet. For example, trying out painting or coloring books.

This doesn’t require you to be a super talented artist, but it gives you an outlet to express yourself. These days you have activities like personalised paint by number that help you create something personal and special using lovely colors. You get to express yourself in a guided manner so that you don’t feel talentless or like a noob.

# You MUST Create

By now, you can understand we are all born to create in whatever ways we can. We are all creators. Some people who feel openly creative and have a deeper craving for creative endeavors will feel like creation is a mandate for them.

However, if you are going through a block or are doing something in life that doesn’t require you to create by using your personal way of expression, you can easily get frustrated and depressed.

Remember that if there is a creative way you feel the need to express yourself, by all means, use that skill. Even if you are going through a block. Create even though it is not as good as your creation during your peak time. Only through creation can you break creative blocks or get better at what you do.

# Refresh Your Life

Repeating the same schedule every week can kill your creativity. Switch it to refresh your mind and body. Nothing kills your creative self like living a monotonous life. Keep it exciting and try new activities.

Start saying ‘yes’ to creative classes, art festivals and workshops, theater plays and various cultural and artistic events. You never know where that inspiration could strike.

Make good changes in your schedule and live a more happening life. Eat healthy, exercise and meditate, to keep your body and mind healthy and refreshed. We may be scared of changes but making changes once in a while helps us not get bored with our lives.

Think about the fact that we came to this earth only for a few decades. Do we want to live out that short time repeating the same schedule?

This is why people should make careers out of activities they genuinely feel passionate about so that they look forward to waking up every morning. Live an active life and keep the creative juices flowing.


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