If you’re on the lookout for authentic travel experiences, definitely give Romania a try. From raw nature and strikingly-beautiful villages to tantalizing food and beautiful people, this is a country that will likely exceed your expectations.

Today we would like to direct our thoughts towards a beautiful project in the Carpathian Mountains. Nomad Ecovillage brings together glamping, Eco-lodging, yoga and an ultimate sense of bliss.

The gorgeous getaway is open for public from late May till early October and welcomes visitors short and long-term. Here is the inside scoop from the lovely people behind the project:

# The Story

It all started with an ambitious dream. A dream to meet, work and live with like-minded people to deliver authentic ecotourism experiences, handmade workshops and educational programmes to everyone seeking it. We found each other and others like us, in the place we least expected it – in our own backyard, in Romania. Together we created the first mobile ecovillage we are aware of.

We are Nomad Ecovillage and our goal is to live in perfect harmony with the environment – while using the benefits of the technology for sustainable living – and share it with the world!

glamping in Transylvania

# The ecovillage concept

An ecovillage is a traditional or intentional community created to become socially, culturally, economically and ecologically sustainable. An ecovillage strives to produce the least possible negative impact on the natural environment through ecological building and materials, as well as responsible member behaviour.
Sustainability, community living & beyond

The members of the community (including guests staying in the ecovillage) are generally united by the same ecological, social, economic, cultural and spiritual principles. In other words, the “eco-locals” are looking for alternatives that help them live in perfect harmony with the world around them.

Most members intend to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle while constantly making conscious efforts to avoid waste and unnecessary consumerism, excessive dependence on fossil fuels and genetically modified food. Moreover, they strive to make conscious choices that are not only harmless for the environment but also contribute to the regeneration of the environment.

# What you will find at Nomad Ecovillage. Facilities:

At Nomad EcoVillage, we strive to maintain a holistic approach towards sustainable living by combining both economic and non-economic factors to promote a high-quality, low impact lifestyle.

This is what we have prepared for you:

  • Seasonal accommodation and community living
  • Accommodation in glamping tents, domes, as well as an A-shape tented cabin
  • Regular and ecological toilets and washing facilities (composting toilets)
  • Community area with hammocks, hay therapy, fire pit, outdoor seating area
  • Games: badminton, volleyball, football
  • Board games
  • Children’s playground (rope-climbing, trampoline, kites, frisbee, etc.)
  • Wellbeing (massage therapies)
  • Yoga and dance classes
  • Local natural products
  • Educational programmes, arts & crafts workshops, team building, corporate events and other extra activities:
  • Educational center
  • Teambuilding facilities
  • Arts & crafts, DIY and local expert-led workshops
  • Music
  • Sustainability workshops
  • Eco-volunteer programmes
  • Meeting/seminar room (opening soon)

Whether you want to book an authentic accommodation in a remote natural setting, participate in a yoga retreat or even live in our nomad community, you are in the right place!

# When visiting Nomad EcoVillage, you will find:

  • Million-star, environmental-friendly accommodations
  • Handmade concept and design – soft touches, attention to detail
  • Local gastronomy, culture and traditions
  • Workshops – yoga, meditation, arts & crafts, sustainable and off-grid living
  • Guided tours to explore the surroundings
  • Members of the community who call this ecovillage “home” 

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