Europe is known for its beautiful cultural cafes and special freshly brewed coffee. Writing while traveling can become quite monotonous in a B&B and hence your ideas may not flow properly. A little change in the environment can do wonders, even while on the go. To magnify your writing skills, but also to raise awareness of some enchanting places of cultural refuge in Paris, Vienna, Barcelona or Amsterdam- here is a post overflowing with amazing cafes.

There are more than a hundred cafe writing places to visit in the whole of continental Europe. We have chosen 10 of the  best places to visit and continue your writing. Let’s check them out:

1. Cafe Americain, Amsterdam

This refurbished modern art based cafe is a part of the Hotel American. With a 4.5 and 5 star rating for most of the services offered. The best thing people like about it is the artistic atmosphere. They sell all sorts of cakes, croquettes, croissants, and of course coffee. They specialize in vegetarian and gluten-free dishes. Cafe Americain offers everything that a writer needs.

2. Café Salambó, Barcelona

Barcelona is the heart of Spain and the tourists and TEFL graduates are continuously flowing in and out of this beautiful city. . Café Salambó is a great gathering spot for artists and writes in the heart of bohemian Gracia neighborhood. Its cosy vibes and loose atmosphere make for a great writing escape.

3. Breizh Cafe Le Marais, Paris

Paris is one of the must-visit places in Europe. With the beautiful Eifel tower, Notre Dame, and the biggest Louvre Museum, Paris is one of the best places to be in. Breizh Cafe’s nicely prepared coffee, the art associated with it, different types of crepe, and savory buckwheat galettes help to step up your writing game.

4. Cafe Braunerhof, Vienna

Vienna comes with a long history of European architecture and Roman history which are reflected clearly from cafe themes and interior designing. Cafe Braunerhof is just at the corner with multiple varieties of coffee and tea in Vienna. The aura of the cafe plus the Austrian cuisines makes it a special place to indulge in writing.

5. Cafe Odeon, Zurich

Zurich is a person’s wonderland. If you are having a hard time in writing an essay, you must try this cafe or get university assignments help online. Amongst the stunning valleys and beautiful nature, Cafe Odeon seems like the perfect place to let your ideas float through your fingers. It has a retro-rich design to the cafe that again helps in introspection.

6. Caffe Gambrinus, Naples

Naples in Italy has beautiful scenery along with a rich history. Gambrinus is a special place with much-varied options for cuisines. It has an artsy look composed of marbled floors and fancy chandeliers. This place has some of the world-class espressos just how the writers like it.

7. Cafe Montmartre, Prague

Prague is the heart of the Czech Republic. Cafe Montmartre is the epitome of sophistication among the other bars and cafes in Prague. A writer in a place that reflects the 20s, antiques, and low lighting will help him/her to calm his/her senses.

8. Cafe Mok, Brussels

Brussels is a busy city with a lot of people rushing towards their work or studies. This city also made a remark on the writer’s community via the Mok. Quality is their priority due to which they roast their coffee beans inside and make sure your coffee tastes perfect. They sell vegetarian dishes only and you can top it up with some fruit-based sweet dishes. Healthy, tasty, and spacious, a perfect place for writing.

9. Cafe Greco, Rome

Rome is all about ethnicity and beauty. It has some of the world’s best architectures. Cafe Greco is nothing less than a shining start itself. Built-in the 17th century, this cafe has a lot of history, literary accomplishments, and musical evenings.

10. Cafe two fifty square, Dublin

Dublin sets the mood with lively locals, amazing bars, and some major historical attractions. This cafe has the perfect vibe for the writer with openness in the interiors. Also, the rustic feel of the place plays well with the writer’s mind.


Those are some great places to get writing inspiration in different parts of Europe. The ones listed here are one of the best cafes out there. You can perceive your inspiration from people, situations, places, surroundings, etc. Cafes provide everything that you need to get inspired for your writing.

Writing is a lot more difficult than it seems. There are several distractions that remove your mind from writing. A constant flow of ideas is not exactly what the brain is designed to do. Get your laptop and order a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee to get your writing back on track.

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Sandra Larson is an amazing writer and experienced proofreader. She has a good taste for coffee, switching between the bitter-strong espresso and the mild Latte. Sandra often faced problems with writing. Her comfort was a cup of coffee but sometimes the same four walls caused repulsion towards writing. Therefore, as she traveled across Europe, cafes and coffee provided the comfort and inspiration she needed.


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