Mount Merapi is an active volcano in Java Island, Indonesia, one of the country’s many unwordly sights. Rising proudly at an elevation of 2,930 meters (9,610 feet), the formidable “Fire Maker” commands attention. The volcanic nature of the mountain results in the upper slopes being characterized by barren terrain, frequently covered in loose rocks.

Which makes hiking a challenge, but not one that can not be surpassed. The preferred route to reach the summit of Mount Merapi spans 4 kilometers, typically requiring approximately 4 hours to complete, making overnight camping unnecessary. This Indonesian volcano is notorious for its challenging ascent, featuring steep slopes that necessitate sturdy hiking boots and preparedness for demanding vertical climbs, occasionally involving scrambling. The optimal period to embark on this adventure is during the dry season, which spans from May to October.

mount-merapi-Java Indonesia

Mount Merapi serves as a thrilling subject for photographers who seek to capture the raw power of an active volcano and the enchanting beauty of its surroundings.

According to My Modern Met, photographer Gunarto Song made a wish upon a star. Then captured it in an epic photo, while appearing to fall in an active volcano: “I set the shutter speed at four seconds, which made the photos appear long. But the light was round-shaped, it was so fast but it was indeed a round light that fell,” the photographer shared.

meteor volcanoSong’s photo of a meteor descending in the caldera of Mount Merapi became viral and CNN Indonesia confirmed that the green light of the shooting star is due to the magnesium content of the meteor.


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