Dominica Boiling Lake is located in Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Dominica. It is the second largest boiling lake in the world, after the Frying Pan Lake, located in Waimangu Valley, New Zeeland (which we will cover in a future post). It offers spectacular views to the travelers venturing 6.5 miles (10.5 km) east of Roseau, Dominica’s capital.

The lake itself is a large, cloud-covered cauldron, constantly emitting steam and vapor, giving it an otherworldly appearance.

Dominica Boling lake
Photo credits: Derek Galon.

Dominica boiling lake spans approximately 200 feet (61 meters) across and reaches depths of over 200 feet (61 meters). The water in the lake is heated by the underlying volcanic activity, with temperatures ranging from 180 to 197 degrees Fahrenheit (82 to 92 degrees Celsius).

Covered in an impressive mass of vapors, it has an almost mystical appeareance all year round. The water temperature could only be measured at the edges.

boiling lake Dominica beautiful

Since the lake is believed to be deeper than than 195 ft (59 m), no one dared to measure it in the center, where it is boiling.

Photo by George Kourounis

The Dominica Boiling Lake is said to be a fumarole, meaning there should be some some volcanic gases which are emanated into the lake, causing it to actively boil. George Kourounis was the first person (and personality) to cross the lake from above, helped by a system of ropes. The event was filmed and featured on Angry Planet.

We find it very strange that this particular nature spectacle still remains a mystery, as no one yet managed to measure its temperature or find out how deep it is for sure.

Photo: Antoine Hubert/Flickr

The lake holds great cultural and historical significance for the indigenous Kalinago people, who consider it a sacred site. It also played a role in Dominica’s history as a place of refuge for escaped slaves during the colonial era.

Getting here is only possible by taking a spectacular 13 kilometer hike from the nearest road, which includes visiting smaller springs and seeing phenomenal landscapes.

To reach the lake, visitors embark on a challenging yet rewarding hike through lush rainforests, volcanic terrain, and bubbling hot springs. The journey takes approximately three to four hours and requires a moderate to high level of fitness, best done with a guide.

The boiling lake is located 6.5 miles (10.5 km) east of Roseau, Dominica’s capital and is just one of the many natural attractions this amazing country in the Caribbean Sea has to offer.



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