You can’t help falling in love with the variety of Delhi and its beautiful, incredibly hospitable people.  Delhi is the capital city of India, home to the second-largest population after Mumbai. It plays host to many tourists from India and outside the country as well. The reason being, Delhi is such a unique, colorful city to explore.

As a first-timer in Delhi, you will be overwhelmed with the city’s culture, history, cuisine, shopping market places, exhibition centers and architecture. Here are just some of the features that make India’s capital metropolis unforgettable:

#1.  Breathtaking Heritage and  Ancient Sites

Delhi temple

In Delhi, you will find fascinating historical monuments and historic structures that showcase India’s unique heritage. Beautiful ancient buildings perfectly combine with modern structures to bring out a rich Indian heritage. Delhi was ruled by the Mughal empire and by the British, therefore its present day sites include an eclectic mix of buildings. Some of the most famous constructions in Delhi include the tall minaret known as Qutub Minar, one of the largest and oldest masjids known as Jama Masjid and the India Gate for the homage. Additionally, there are prominent modern-day places to visit, including museums, gardens, the metro system, and modern temples like the Bahai Lotus Temple.

#2.  Authentic Markets and Souvenirs

Delhi flea market

In Delhi shopping can become a memorable experience in itself. Consider cheap flights from Bangalore to Delhi to save more for shopping in the market places of the capital. You can purchase interesting stuff from the street markets and enjoy huge discounts out of your bargaining power. Flea markets such as Sarojini Nagar and Janpath have significantly discounted products while market places such as the Khan market and Connaught place offer branded products. Other famous market places in Delhi are Palika Bazaar, Gaffar Market and INA Market. You can do lots of shopping in Delhi on a budget, from clothing jewelry, footwear, scarfs, bags with the sounds of shoppers and sellers adding up to a true experience of the senses.

#3.  Lovely people, unforgettable faces

Delhi woman flea market

The inhabitants of Delhi are known for their endearing smiles and hospitality. Always eager to lend a hand, they great their guests with enthusiasm. Many young people come to Delhi for work opportunities and two thirds of the city is under 35, making it a vibrant and thriving place to live in. For the Western traveler enchanted by human faces and portraits, a trip to India will likely be… overwhelming. Delhi is enriched by the authenticity and uniqueness of its people, who will not cease to surprise an outlandish bystander.

 #4.  Diverse Indian cuisines

Indian food New Delhi

Delhi is a popular tourist destination because it offers a wide range of tasty Indian cuisines that leave memorable tastes to every visitor’s tongue. You can enjoy Mughalai cuisine, steamed rice cakes filled with veggies, the famous parantha, meat paste called momo, and the mouth-watering chaats of the Nagar market. From the eateries to street food, everything is worth giving a try in Delhi. Tangy gol gappe and matar Kucha are well-known street foods. Apart from the street food, various eateries and restaurants offer the best delicacies from all over the world, and you can even take coffee and relax if that is all you want.

#5. Contemporary Art and Architecture

Delhi is home to writers, artists and intellectuals, many of whom are internationally reclaimed. The city is dotted with many contemporary art galleries and an Art Fair is held annually, which brings together contemporary artists from the entire South Asia. Modern architecture in Delhi has also slowly taken off, and nowadays you can see buildings such as the Lotus Temple, integrated among the city’s ancient monuments. Also, The New Delhi Book Fair is the largest in the country and is worth planning a visit to India when this literary and book industry event is held.

Lotus temple Delhi
Contemporary architecture in Delhi: The Lotus Temple

# Delhi, New Delhi or Old Delhi?

Just a tiny interlude for those who are visiting India’s capital for the first time.The city of Delhi is composed of eleven districts.  One of these districts is Old Delhi, also known as Central Delhi,  the historical ‘center’ with ancient monuments and an authentic vibe. New Delhi is another one of these 11 district and was designed in 1911, when the capital city of India was moved from Calcutta under British rule.

Sometimes media refers to New Delhi as the capital of India, because the government is located here. But one can refer to the capital as both New Delhi and Delhi, as these are often interchangeable.

#6.  Green escapes

8% of Delhi’s surface is covered by forests and there are many gardens and parks in the city to escape the noise and pollution of the city’s main commercial and industrial areas.

#7.  Events and festivals in Delhi

Holi festival India
Holi Festival, Delhi

You will find popular festivals and events that happen all year round in Delhi. From cultural shows, food festivals, religious events, theatrical play festivals, etc. The Grub Festival is famous for entertainment, music and is the biggest food festival in Delhi. There is the London market shopping festival, Qutub festival for cultural performances, Delhi international jazz festival and Holi Festival, among others.

#8. Science and Museums

If you crave some knowledge while on vacation, Delhi is the place to be. Various museums and memorials will help you discover India’s history. The national science museum is for science lovers, while the historic monuments museum highlight the significance of dynasties, events, and persons associated with them- for instance, the popular Rajghat that commemorates the world-famous personality Mahatma Gadhi.

#9. You Won’t See This in the West

From colorful sites and ancient monuments to rickshaws and caws wondering freely on the streets, walking through New Delhi will give you a sense of a different world, one often more interesting than that in the West.

Delhi India cow

#10. Delhi’s Surroundings

Within 100 kilometers from Delhi, you are likely to discover even more culture and beautiful, raw nature. From Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary  in the Gurugram District, Haryana (45 km away) and the Eco Lodges in the Aravalli hills in the Mangar Villageto (49 km away) to the Damdama and Badkhal Lakes, there are quite a few places to visit and relax if city life gets overwhelming.

# Final Words

From art galleries, museums, market places, cuisines, historical monuments, festivals, attractions, etc., Delhi is an inspiration. The best way to discover this colorful city is to walks its alleys, meet its people and enjoy an experience of the senses like no other.


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