A new project is underway in Rome, set to open up municipal museums and libraries for study. This initiative, proposed by the cultural councillor Miguel Gotor, is crafted to cater to the educational needs of the Rome’s students.

Rome to open museum study areasManaged by the municipal public library network, this new network of study areas will be offered by both the city and external contributors. Mayor Roberto Gualtieri emphasized that this step aligns with the goal of positioning Rome as an innovative hub for the young generations.

The innitiative is especially targeted at the “thousands of students navigating high rents, compelled to study in confined quarters.”

Operated alongside existing city library services, these study spaces promise extended operating hours, including holidays, across central and suburban locations.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni, the Pelanda at the Mattatoio, MACRO, Palazzo Braschi, Casina Salvi al Celio, and the Torre dei Conti are some of the cultural hubs planned to host these learning environments.

According to city officials, a dedicated website, set to launch in 2024, will provide comprehensive information about this network of study rooms.

We like this project a lot, as it transforms museums into living, breathing educational spaces. Majestic spaces  become canvases for intellectual exploration, places where the lines between observer and observed, past and present, blur into a rich tapestry of learning. How do you find this innitiative?


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