If you’ve already explored the popular destinations in the United Kingdom such as the London Eye, Stone Henge, Windsor Castle, or Big Ben, you’re probably craving to point your compass to another tourist hotspot.

For those who are experiencing a strong sense of wanderlust, another activity that you can do in the UK is to explore their museums. Gone are the days when these archaic infrastructures feature relics and bones of ancient animals. These days, museums are also filled with oddities such as dog collars and cuckoo clocks. We list down some of the odd museums that you should visit during your budget-friendly UK trip.

1. Cumberland Pencil Museum

cumberland pencil museumWho would’ve thought that the humble pencil has its very own museum? The Cumberland Pencil Museum can be found in Cumbria. It boasts of the biggest collection of pencils in the world. In here, you can find the very first pencil, and the longest colored pencil. In addition, the place also features several interactive exhibits where visitors can learn more about this drawing tool.

2. Dog Collar Museum

Your trip to UK will surely be exciting if you add this to your itinerary. Located inside the Leeds Castle, this popular tourist destination showcases a vast collection of dog collars that were known for their expensive price tag and design. Some of the collars here are found way back five centuries ago. Some even span from the medieval to the Victorian era. You can find collars that are studded with gems and gold.

3. Lawnmower Museum

Although you are probably using a lawnmower at home, this museum still offers a lot of attractions. This museum features more than 300 lawnmowers from different eras. In addition, you’ll also learn more about the 200 year history of this handy tool.

4. Bank of England Museum

Inside the impressive halls of the Bank of England is an amazing museum that’ll take you on a short, but fun trip down memory lane. The bank was established in 1694 so there’s a lot of history to discover. In here, you can find gold bars that date back from the old times. There are also coins and ancient banknotes. Aside from money, you can also find other oddities like the pikes that were used to protect the bank, Roman pottery, and some mosaics that were found in the 1930s.

These are just some of the popular museums found in the UK. If you have visited other museums that weren’t part of the list, share your experiences in the comments!


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