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Eiffel Tower Zip Line Reinvents Adventure Travel in Paris [Video]

8 Jun , 2017  

Before we go on, please hold your horses! Is this really an Eiffel Tower Zip Line? Yes. Can you go on it? Unfortunately, no, unless you are one of the lucky few selected in a ballot online last week, according to The Telegraph. However, if you are in Paris by Sunday, June 11 2017, you […]

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Paris on the Edge: The New Eiffel Tower Glass Floor [Video]

7 Oct , 2014  

What’s it like to see bits of Paris while suspended on a glass platform, 57 meters (200 feet) above soil ? It seems that millions of tourists will soon have the rushing answer to this question, as visiting the Eiffel Tower now comes with an extra “perk”. Officially opened on Monday, the 6th of October […]

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Nuit Blanche in Paris, When Artists Bring Light on the Streets

30 Nov , 2010  

Nuit Blanche or White Night is an annual all-night arts festival. Although this kind of event is spread all over the world, we have chosen to show you how things work in Paris. With its first edition in 2002, Paris Nuit Blanche has become an important annual celebration of culture, attracting hundreds of thousands of […]

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Discover the Artistic Spirit of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

10 Jun , 2016  

Have you ever heard about Carmel-by-the-Sea, a small town in California, United States? This hidden place with stunning natural beauty and houses built in various European styles has been a nest for artistic movements for around one hundred years. Carmel-by-the-Sea (or shortly called Carmel) is located on the Monterey Peninsula in California. Its expansion was highly […]

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14 Small European Towns and Villages To Visit this Year

10 Feb , 2016  

Dear independent traveler, since you decided to hit the road this year, we would like to contribute with some suggestions. Here are 14 special small European towns and villages to visit in 2016! Some of these travel destinations were part of our experiences on the road, other are taken from our future “travel trajectories”. We see traveling […]

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5 Less Known Beautiful Beaches Around Lisbon, Portugal

28 Jul , 2015  

Lisbon has its hypnotizing way to embrace you, to overwhelm your mind and your senses. Even though it is an European capital filled with noisy tourists waving maps everywhere, this fascinating city with some rural-like streets (as we call it during our incursions throughout its ups and downs) can offer a full pack of living […]

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High Altitude Sleepness: Airbnb Cable Car Room in Courchevel, France

14 Mar , 2015  

We just came across this crazy idea delivered by the guys at Airbnb: to take an ordinary cable car and transform it into a comfortable room suspended 2700 meter above ground. For those who don’t fear waking up in the the night suspended in the middle of literally nowhere, this type of luxury room is […]

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Four Crazy Cinema Ideas for Creative Movie Nights

18 Feb , 2015  

Maybe for some of you guys these improvised cinemas will seem a little bit excessive regarding comfort or the overrated attention for “building” a special mood for the audience. Of course, all this trouble will not adjust the quality of a film, neither the perception of it in the eyes of a cinemaniac. But these types of […]

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11 Coffee Houses in Europe with a Classical Taste for Culture

2 Dec , 2013  

“… it must be said that the Viennese coffeehouse is a particular institution which is not comparable to any other in the world. As a matter of fact, it is a democratic club to which admission costs the small price of a cup of coffee. Upon payment of this mite every guest can sit for […]


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Where Winter Holidays Become Fairy Tales: Colmar, France

16 Nov , 2012  

With a charming country-town atmosphere and a strong historical heritage, Colmar is not only “the most Alsatian town in Alsace”, and the wine capital of the region, but also a place for the fairytale believers. This dreamy place has a very privileged location near Germany and Switzerland, between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine, between […]

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China from a Vantage Point: Glass Skywalk in the Tianmen Mountain

8 May , 2012  

The glass skywalk in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in the Tianmen Mountain, China, seems especially built for the fearless. But walking on this incredible pathway, suspended 1,430 meters high up in the air (about 4 691.6 feet) is also 6,35 centimeters thick (2.5 inches), making it safe for the avalanche of tourists. The Skywalk in […]

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Parkour, the Art of Displacement [VIDEO]

3 Mar , 2011  

Parkour is a physical discipline originating from France (founded by David Belle)  in which the runners chooses a route in the surrounding environment and attempts to negotiate obstacles in the most efficient way, using only their body. Parkour can be practiced in any environment, but the most popular are the urban areas where dense and […]

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10 Reasons To Choose Traveling Over Tourism

6 Aug , 2010  

Travel and tourism usually get mixed up in conversations, but in fact they are two completely different things. In this post we will try to convince you that basically the first rules in comparison to the latter, as we will present 10 reasons why one should chose traveling over tourism. Sure, there are a lot […]

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Saint Michel Abbey, an Ocean Fortress of Medieval Times

10 Jul , 2010  

Saint-Michel Abbey is located on a  tidal island in Normandy, North-West of France. It is one of the country’s religious landmarks and it is situated one kilometer away (just over a half-mile) from the coast, within the Atlantic ocean. Giant waves, some of them measuring over 14 meters (46 ft) in height, moving sands and a […]

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