What’s it like to see bits of Paris while suspended on a glass platform, 57 meters (200 feet) above soil ? It seems that millions of tourists will soon have the rushing answer to this question, as visiting the Eiffel Tower now comes with an extra “perk”. Officially opened on Monday, the 6th of October 2014, the new Eiffel Tower glass floor is part of a 24 million euro renovation project. This first-level “face-lift” also included new solar panels and the opening of a museum where the history of the tower will be displayed on seven screens.

Eiffel Tower glass floor new
Photo shooting session on the new glass floor addition, Eiffel Tower, Paris

This new glass floor is meant to draw tourists at the first floor of the tower, where- according to The Telegraph– not many visitors linger. This is mostly because seeing the Eiffel Tower is inevitably associated with the spectacular and generally-known 276 meters (905 feet) -high platform (photo below). Both children and adults seem to be fascinated by this new project and we hope you guys will be able to experience it soon, in a light, not-so-crowded atmosphere!

France-Paris-Eiffel-Tower-View night
Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Photo source

Have a look at the video below for a quick presentation of the new Eiffel Tower glass floor addition and let us know your thoughts!


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