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1-Day Guide to 11 National Parks in Europe [Infographic]

7 Dec , 2016  

Drawn into its lively cities, one may often forget that Europe has a wild, pristine side as well. Today’s infographic is about discovering those special places beckoning for your “escape”. Did you know that Europe has no less than 500 national parks? From Oulanka in Russia to Peneda Geres National Park in Portugal, this graphic pins […]


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1-Day Guide to 12 National Parks in the USA [Video]

12 Jul , 2016  

Did you know there are no less than 58 National Parks in the USA? We covered some of them on Tourism on the Edge in previous posts, enough to give you an idea of their singular and fascinating character. We were happy to discover this video, which brakes down 12 of the best options to […]


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The 58 National Parks in the USA(*15): Cuyahoga Valley National Park

17 Mar , 2011  

Cuyahoga Valley National Park is situated between Akron and Cleveland in Northeast Ohio, and it is the only national park in Ohio. With a total surface of 130 km2, it preserves and reclaims all the areas along the Cuyahoga River, with its beautiful rural landscape that includes colorful forests, waterfalls, rolling hills, caves and steep narrow […]

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