Nowadays, we experience changes in the tourism sphere as the pandemic affected this business dramatically. Sitting in lockdown, people discovered a new way to travel with remote tourism. However, when the borders open again, we look at traveling from a different perspective. There are so many beautiful places in the world that are worth visiting, and travel vloggers show us off the beaten track destinations we would never have heard about.

We should remember that Covid variants are still evolving, and travelers should go abroad with vaccination or CVS covid test. Besides, tourists should understand how detrimental the lockdown was for small businesses and, when going on vacation, try to support the local entrepreneurs. There are so many beautiful places to travel, from hard-hit destinations to safe domestic travels. In this article, you will find the best travel ideas to suit any taste.

Mind that travel videos are easily going viral today since the majority of people have stayed at home for a long time. You can shoot a professional video with a GoPro cam and show the audience how amazing the world around them is. When choosing a unique travel destination that is not much popular among tourists, try to show all its beauties in your video blog. You should consider using a good video editor for producing decent content.

Consider Safe Vacation Places

When the pandemic is not over, and you want to travel, it’s crucial to know safe places to visit during coronavirus. Let’s explore the list of vacation ideas so that you can safely rest with limited interactions with others in a socially distant place.

SUV Tours

SUV travels are the perfect option for the safe exploring of a new place. You can explore a vibrant city or wildlife in a comfortable vehicle. You can hire a guide and chauffeur so that you will enjoy this little trip with spectacular views and unforgettable emotions with numerous options and activities.


Vacation Rentals

To keep things safe, you can reduce interpersonal interactions by renting a private vacation home. Travel to a country you like and find lodging there for private rent. But whether you rent a hotel room or a house, make sure to have a CVS covid test to avoid any problems with check-in.

Remote Camping

If you want to eliminate any contact with other people, there are a lot of options to stay outdoors. You can book a travel trailer or take a tent in your can and go wherever you like. Reunite with nature by visiting national parks, forests, and any other places where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air and lush greenery.

Head to the Mountains

Mountains are a place of power where all problems seem tiny and insignificant. Hiking gives time to overthink your place in life and find a way out from some dire situations. Enjoy incredible landscapes, fresh air, and time with your family in the mountains, and here we’ll give you ideas of where to go.

Mountains in the US

There are plenty of spectacular mountain towns in America that are worth visiting at least one time in your life. Going to Park City, Utah, you can enjoy all sorts of activities on the water and snow, depending on the season. Old Appalachian mountains provide tourists with many attractions from hiking to skiing.

Asian Mountains

If you are a well-trained and experienced hiker, you may book a Nepal tour and climb the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest. Traveling across China and Hong Kong will give you an incredible experience of exploring picturesque destinations of the Sacred Mountains.

European Mountains

Austria, France, Poland, and Slovakia are fascinating mountainous places in Europe. There you will come across bluewater lakes, picturesque villages, and many tourist attractions. Have a great time in any season and enjoy spectacular landscapes complemented with high bridges and tunnels.

Set Off on the Beach

The best way to relax at any time of the year is to go to a hot country and swim in warm waters under the golden sun. There are many amazing travel destinations for you to visit. However, it’s more exciting to travel to an exotic place, and make a video blog, displaying unexpected sites, animals, nature, and locals.


With Australian tourism gaining popularity, people choose this country for its incredible beaches and weather. There you can visit spectacular islands like Byron Bay, Lake Mckenzie, and many more. Any beach you choose is a place to enjoy magnificent coastlines, crystal-clear waters, and impressive flora and fauna. You will make fantastic footage in Australia and impress the viewers with unique content.


It’s challenging to choose the best beach in Brazil as this country is blessed with picturesque spots. We all know about the famous beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Copacabana, and Guarujá. It is amazing to see the sunrise with your significant other or swim in turquoise waters. Consider visiting Baía dos Porcos or Praia do Sancho, which are tropical paradises for any taste. Enjoy the warmth of Brazil beaches and bring it home with your videos.

The Caribbean

A Caribbean-style vacation is something you should definitely try in 2022. If you want to enjoy special sites, consider going to the Cayman Islands and St. Lucia. Travelers will find exciting activities, deserted beaches, and incredible wonders of nature. The Caribbean islands amaze with stress-free and, at the same time, chic vibes. Set off on the beach of your dream and have a great time with no worries about pandemic confinements.


Now you know where to go on your next vacation and share your impressions with others. We wish you unforgettable discoveries and breathtaking views on your future trips. Adventures are waiting for you, so do not hesitate to book tickets and hit the road.


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