Traveling is the best way to get to know other cultures. It is one of the most entertaining activities that open your mind and gives you tools that can be useful in your personal and professional life.

The issue is that most people have few vacation days, and choosing a destination to spend a couple of days can be a daunting task resting the body and mind is usually a synonym for spending your days lying on a beach and drinking cocktails.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more fulfilling experience and are even willing to extend your stay to make your days off more meaningful, combining traveling and learning may be a perfect adventure.

Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is considered one of the calmest and diverse cities in the world. It has the perfect combination of cultural expression, elegance, and trendy atmosphere.

While some days may be enough to go through the city’s major landmarks, if you have the chance to spend more days and deepen your experience, Madrid will not disappoint.

You can even venture and take your first steps towards learning the language of the locals. If you want to learn Spanish, do not hesitate and find the best Spanish language school. Madrid is the perfect city to improve your Spanish skills.

Christmas Time in Madrid

Madrid ChristmasSpain is a Catholic country, and the locals take the holiday season quite seriously. If you plan on visiting the city in the last weeks of December, you will get the chance to witness all the typical traditions that come with Christmas time.

During this particular season, the city is filled with sparkling lights that create a magical atmosphere and encourage people to roam through the streets, despite the cold weather. Do not worry; the coffee shops spread throughout the city center are the perfect shelter for warming up.

All the major shopping centers are raging with people who are making the most out of the holiday discounts, and it is the perfect chance to find that particular item at half the price.

Also, in every church and square in the city you will find a typical nativity scene display. Some are more elaborate than others, but definitely, the one in Cibeles Palace is a must-see.

The ice rinks are the perfect alternative for an adventurous afternoon. Put the skates on and have some fun!

When it comes to gastronomy, Madrid will never disappoint. The traditional holiday dishes are polvorones, roscon de reyes, and marzipan delicatessens. Make sure to try them all.

Last but not least, make sure to be at the “Cabalgata de Reyes” parade. This is the main Christmas event that takes place in the city. It is usually on the first week of January, and it offers hours of entertainment, with different performances, musical shows, and a one-of-a-kind firework display.

All in all, Christmas time is magical wherever you are, but Madrid will grant you a unique experience and the perfect chance to learn the culture of the locals.

Learning Spanish in Madrid

If you plan to extend your stay and make the traveling experience more immersive, you can take a Spanish course. While some people believe that Spanish is a complex language that is difficult to learn, it can be achieved with the proper guidance and a bit of structure.

All you need is a good disposition, time, and correctly set language goals. If you are unsure about the latter, Expanish school is the perfect place.

Madrid Sol Christmas tree A team of professional language teachers and administrative staff are ready to guide you and make your learning experience as efficient as possible. First of all, you should take the Spanish leveling test. It is on the Expanish website, and it is free of charge. With this exam, you will put your language skills to the test to place you at the perfect level. You might be surprised even if you do not have any knowledge. Once you know your Spanish level, you can book your language course. You have different options depending on your time availability and specific goals.

Group lessons are ideal if you plan to stay in the city for at least a few weeks. They will give you all the free time you need for sightseeing activities, and you will be able to complement it with interactive Spanish lessons. You will meet other students who will likely become the perfect companions for extra-curricular activities.

If, on the other hand, your visit will be short or you want to learn Spanish fast, individual lessons may be the way to go. These are more intensive and will guarantee faster results. The teacher will be focusing only on you, giving you the chance to set specific targets and work directly on them. You can even sign up to take an international exam. Everything is possible!

Tips and Recommendations

If you plan on visiting the city during the Holiday season, remember that many people are planning on doing the same. Therefore, to make sure you can do all the activities you wish to, book in advance as much as possible in advance.

Check online sites for reviews and recommendations on timeframes and discounts for cultural venues like museums and other specific events that may take place during that time. Madrid is waiting for you! Pack your bags and enjoy Christmas time.


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