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Sports, adventure, living your life literally “on the edge”. This category honors the brave, in his crazy travels.

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10 Outstanding Photos Inside Glaciers by Eric Guth

14 Jun , 2012  

  Eric Guth has found a photography niche that dazzles the mind. Traveling in some of the most remote places on Earth, like Alaska and the Arctic, gave him the chance to experience ice and glaciers up close. Here is the story behind these photos inside glaciers. Eric Guth  took an interview for My Modern […]


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Rock Climbing, a Breaking-Limits Experience

21 May , 2012  

Rock climbing is a sport in which participants climb up or across natural rock formations, in order to reach a formation or the endpoint of a pre-defined route. It is important to say that this kind of sport is not for everyone, and those who are “meeting” a wall  for the first time should be […]

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China from a Vantage Point: Glass Skywalk in the Tianmen Mountain

8 May , 2012  

The glass skywalk in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in the Tianmen Mountain, China, seems especially built for the fearless. But walking on this incredible pathway, suspended 1,430 meters high up in the air (about 4 691.6 feet) is also 6,35 centimeters thick (2.5 inches), making it safe for the avalanche of tourists. The Skywalk in […]

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The Evolver Spiraling Platform in Switzerland for Unobstructed Nature Observation

26 Apr , 2012  

The Evolver is an original project envisioned and put to practice by the students from Alice Studio. Located in Zermatt, Switzerland and overlooking Lake Stelli, the structure is composed of 24 wooden frames and encases a continuous 720 degree route. This makes for an unusual tubular itinerary, especially when considering the fact that the views […]

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5 Extreme Ways to Practice Power Kiting and Get High on Adrenaline

25 Apr , 2012  

Power kiting is an explosion of life into one indescribable element: adrenaline. The interesting part is that kiting can be practiced on any surface whether it is water, snow, ice or sand. That is why, in the following photos and texts we will try to get you familiar with some of the extreme sides of […]

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Diving in the Tectonic Plate Gap Between Europe and America

22 Apr , 2012  

Alexander Mustard, from Southampton, USA, does not take photography lightly. Nor what his Geography teachers taught him at school. These incredible photos were taken by the artist and extreme diver in the plate gap between Europe and America. Saying this place is not tourist-friendly would be an understatement. Photographing the gap between the North American […]


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Sandboarding, a Rush of Adrenaline Filling Up Arid Spaces

20 Mar , 2012  

Sand boarding is the ultimate thrill when it comes to people with strange passions. Even though this uncommon sport derives from snowboarding, there are few similarities between the two. However, the adrenaline pumps here too, even though this sport is not as risky. Sandboarding was “invented” or first heard of in a city from Brazil […]

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El Caminito del Rey, A Path Through Split Rocks

18 Mar , 2012  

El Caminito del Rey (English: The king’s little pathway) or Camino del Rey is a captivating walkway pinned along the rocky walls of a narrow canyon located in El Chorro, close to the city of Álora, in the province of Malaga, Spain. This ingenious construction was envisioned in 1901 when the workers at the  hydroelectric […]


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Breathtaking Panorama of the Austrian Alps: Top of Tyrol

16 Dec , 2011  

Top of Tyrol is a mountain-top viewing platform placed in the Stubai Glacier, Tirolean Alps, one hour away from Innsbruck, Austria. The innovative project completed in 2008  by Astearchitecture is located on the Great Isidor which is centrally positioned in the Stubai Glacier, dividing it into the western half and eastern half. Being situated at […]

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Climbing Down Into an Active Volcano [Video]

4 Apr , 2011  

In october 2010, the volcanologist Geoff Mackley came up with the crazy idea of descending into the Marum volcano which was active at that time. He gathered a team and went to Ambryum Island, Vanuatu, in an extreme adventure to approach as much as they could of the boiling caldera. To document the furious lava […]

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World’s Highest Via Ferrata: Mountain Torq , Malaysia

21 Mar , 2011  

The Mountain Torq Via Ferrata is located at 3,776 meters above sea level and has been certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s highest “via ferrata” (Italian for “road with iron”).  It is positioned near to the summit of Mount Kinabalu (4,095 m), the highest point on the island of Borneo in East Malaysia […]

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Fly by Wire, or How to Become a Rocket Man[VIDEO]

9 Mar , 2011  

Fly by Wire is one of the most extreme sensations that one can experience in a lifetime. This unique installation was created in 1998 by Neil Harrap and is located outside Queenstown, New Zealand. The hybrid seems like a rocket ship and it is powered by a 60 hp aircraft engine which  reaches the maximum […]

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Lose Yourself in Rolling Motion: Zorbing

7 Mar , 2011  

Photo by Maison Bisson Zorbing is a relatively new recreation sport that consists in rolling downhill in a zorb made of transparent flexible plastic. With about 3 meters in diameter, the zorb is double-sectioned (with one ball inside the other and an air layer between them) and lightweight to act like a shock absorber for […]

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Parkour, the Art of Displacement [VIDEO]

3 Mar , 2011  

Parkour is a physical discipline originating from France (founded by David Belle)  in which the runners chooses a route in the surrounding environment and attempts to negotiate obstacles in the most efficient way, using only their body. Parkour can be practiced in any environment, but the most popular are the urban areas where dense and […]

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Watch a Video about the Lion Whisperer

5 Feb , 2011  

Watch Kevin Richardson (aka “The Lion Whisperer” ) in action:

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