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GoPro is all about action and fun. Share your excitement with the rest of the world by turning some of your past time activities into videos that will thrill viewers. Here are a few ideas that can make you an overnight star.

Foot Magic and Learning

Surfing has a lot to do with balance and skill. Position your GoPro on the back of your board to pick up the little known details on how your feet react to different wave movements. Use your video as a learning technique for teaching beginning surfers or mastering your own skill.


Musical Choreography to Kite Surfing

The sea is quiet and the sun is falling over the bay. A gentle breeze tugs at the kite as you surf across the tide. What a lovely sight to the observer, but an awesome sight from the kite surf point of view. Use a strut mount for a vivid display. Add a soothing background melody that is choreographed to the scenes.

Just for Fun

A bit of sillyness is half the fun when placing your GoPro on a harness. Mount the unit against your chest and practice moving your body over areas of interest. People on the beach, incoming waves, or yachts can be transformed into comical attractions with the right words and the tone of your voice.

Under Water Adventure

A whole new world unfolds beneath the sea. Everything from sun drenched coral to schools of fish show that life is not just for land dwellers. By installing a quick helmet side mount or using a head strap, your hands are free to explore rocks, caves, or pick up beautiful sea glass.

Islands and Mountains

A swivel mount is perfect for picking up views of islands and mountains that would otherwise be impossible to film. Simply mount your GoPro onto the 360-degree device and at the tail of your surf board. Next, adjust the angle to the desired height. As you pass by works of nature, you will have a close-up view for further investigation.

gopro mountain landscape

Friends and Family

Catch the beach party in action and from a different perspective as you glide past your friends and family. Unaware that they are on film from a mounted GoPro, can catch some special moments that may never happen again.

Training to Perfection

It can be difficult to remember what moves were made that led to a wobbly board and an ultimate fall. By capturing everything on film, these mistakes become crystal clear. Mount your GoPro on the strut and position so it picks up your moves and the upcoming waves. You will know exactly what not to do on your next run.

Kite Surfing is a brilliant way to master your balancing skills, enjoy the water, and to have memories of a vacation. Different locations provide new and challenging waters. Capture your surroundings with the action of GoPro and you will have an instant recollection of your favorite spots and type of surf. There are mounts and accessories for all types of situations. Be prepared and you will soon have your video presentations mastered.


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