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8 Safari Lodges in Africa or How to Wake Up in Wonderland

17 Dec , 2016  

An escape to a warm climate during winter is a traveler’s dream. In this post, let your mind escape to Africa, right in the middle of the jungle, within the exotic nature and giant, but friendly animals. Give this experience a chance to take you away from the tall buildings and bring you back to yourself. […]

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A London Hostel Reviving Victorian Charm

15 Apr , 2017  

While searching for a place to stay in London, things got complicated. We realized we wanted many things from our accommodation “hotspot”, the “root” of all our daily city walks and discoveries. We craved for a crib slightly on a budget, with a great location and good services. But most of all, we needed a […]

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German Airship Hangar Converted into Giant Waterpark

11 Jun , 2015  

Not far from Berlin (about 60 kilometers South), there is a former old airship hangar known as the Aerium. Its dimensions are dizzying: over 66,000 m² (710,000 sq. ft) of floor space and 5 million m³ (176,573,333 cu. ft) of enclosed space. The massive hangar currently accommodates Tropical Islands, a resort  with a holiday-like atmosphere […]

Europe, Hidden Places

4 Invigorating and Affordable Places to Stay in London this Year

17 Jan , 2014  

Since we discovered London’s Hot Tub Cinema, our attention has been redirected towards visiting the UK capital. Until that happens, we are on the lookout for creative places to book a stay in. Here are some interesting and affordable hotels and hostels we ran across so far: #1. After reading quite a few reviews, Clink78 […]

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Hiking in The Summer, The Basics

13 Nov , 2009  

If you are completely new to hiking, but have the will power, we would like to help you with some tips. Remember, these advices are for summer trips only, when the temperature is above 0 Degrees Celsius (30 Degrees Fahrenheit) and for altitudes of maximum 3000 meters (9842.51 Feet). I took these pictures myself last […]

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