What can you expect from the best African Safari tour of your life. Safari is an experience that can never be replicated at a zoo or museum. No matter how advanced our technology gets, it just can’t replace the thrill and unpredictability of Big Cat Safaris in Africa. You get the opportunity to come face to face with the feral danger and your tour guides know how to protect you while heightening the thrill of the experience. African safaris can be costly and unless you are very lucky, they tend to be only a once in a lifetime experience. This is also due to the remoteness of the locations. Modern safaris have become very comfortable and from the moment you enter the camps, you attest to the fact that you are a visitor. You need to have an unwavering respect for the fragile environment you’re in and have to be careful about everything. So, for your convenience, we have put together a comprehensive guide on Big Cats Safari in Africa.

Is it a good time to go on a Safari Adventure?

Safari trips are unlike the usual adventure tours to take to the mountainous north. Any time is a good time to go on a safari. You just have to manage your holidays or the leave you get from work. If you can get enough days off and have enough spare cash, you can really indulge your time there. If you are thinking of delaying your trip, we’d advise going as soon as possible. This is because, unfortunately, wild animal numbers are on the decline and many are already extinct, moving away from their natural habitat and in turn becoming harder to spot. You never know whether the big cats you are looking for will be there next year.

How do I plan for an African Safari?

As it’s settled that there is no better time to go on safari than the present, let’s look into the preparation part. Safaris are unlike other trips and you can’t just throw some clothes into your bag and jump on a taxi to the airport. It takes loads of planning to do it right. There are so many lodges and tour companies to choose from. But luckily for you, there are a few tour companies that specialize in Big Cats safaris and you can easily find them online. As for locations, the prime safari locations include Botswana’s Okavango Delta and the Tanzanian Serengeti, but they are remote and likewise, expensive.

You also need to have proper safari gear before you book your flight to Africa. Observing the current situation, you should buy safari gear online. There are insect repellants, mosquito nets, sun protection creams, water purification devices and navigation gadgets that you may need to have in your rucksacks.

Where will I find the Lions?

Looking for the main locations? Of all the big cats, the most attractive are the lions. Fortunately, they are the least difficult to spot. The local guides have learned to easily track these beasts and lions are known to prefer living in large groups. They have prides to be proud of.

Reasonably, one can say that lions can be easily spotted in Tanzania, Namibia, Kenya and South Africa. It’s because large populations of lions survive in the reserves and national parks of Africa. Interestingly, in these locations, you can also find the other big cats. For example, Kenya’s Masai Mara reserve is praised for the different species of big cats it houses and it’s the same place where the Big Cat Diary was filmed.

Looking for the Leopards?

You need to look hard to find these big cats. They are up on the trees simply hanging from branches. Just like some weird fruits but these are animals that specialize in hunting and keeping their prey to themselves. You seriously don’t want to be with them up on that tree.

Jokes aside, these animals are actually very hard to spot. Their cloud patterned fur has allowed them to blend easily with their surroundings. Speaking specifically of locations they inhabit in Africa; the Mala Mala and Londolozi in South Africa are two private game reserves that are adjacent to the Kruger National Park where you can always spot these big cats.

If you are asking about the best times, we’d say that they are easy to find during the early hours of the morning and the evening. This means that if you want to see them in action, you will be having to spend the night in the reserve and book some night game drives. There are a few parks in Zambia and Botswana that are particularly good when it comes to spotting these wild beasts.

Remember the Cheetah interception?

If you are still imagining that cheetah interception that was mentioned at the beginning of the article, we’ll have to spill the beans for you. The fastest animal in the world is even trickier than the tree hanging leopards. These cats are clumsy fighters, but they are great at hunting. They are fast and can get to their prey easily, but if they are competing with another big cat, there are high chances that they will lose their hunt.

These animals are also very shy and try to hide from people. This makes them really hard to spot in the wild. Some tour operators believe that spotting a cheetah is a matter of luck. In terms of areas having a high concentration of Cheetahs, we’d tell you to visit Namibia and Sabi Sands.

Take Precautions

You must remember that the unbridled awesomeness of Nature can be all-consuming and overwhelming for you. This is why you should be well prepared before you try to get up close with the big cats. There are specialists in every field and it never hurts to ask something from an expert. People feel better when they help others and if you are asking a good guy, they’ll definitely help you out. Just don’t be a burden. No one likes that. Stay safe and stay adventurous.


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