The most beautiful red sun you’ve ever seen, climbing its way to the sky and looking over animals you’ve only seen on TV, such as lions, elephants and giraffes. This is one of the images that’s quite typical for Tanzania travel, and a great reason to want to visit it. However, there are plenty more reasons out there, so let’s explore some of those together with this lovely country-wide itinerary.


You’ve probably heard of Zanzibar plenty of times, but did you know that you can expect to see the most perfect white beaches and a soothing clear-blue water, coming in waves at you? It’s easy to spend a week in this place, or even more. You’ll be able to occupy your time with diving, snorkeling, enjoying delicious seafood and visiting the islands around.

#Ushongo Beach

Whereas Zanzibar is filled with life and activities, Ushongo beach is much quieter and thus perfect for those who want a chance to relax away from the world. Chances of you running into other tourists are pretty slim, but this doesn’t mean you won’t have any activities to enjoy. Go snorkeling, kayaking or hire a boat to go to the sandbar that can only be seen when the tide is low. Spending about 4 days here is the perfect amount.


By this time, it’s very likely that you’ll want a change of scenery, and Lushoto is just right for that. The highland town (formerly under German colonial rule) and its surroundings offer cooler temperatures than the beach, and provides some of the most amazing views you’ll probably see in all your life. You can go with a guided tour that will take you to the waterfalls and parks.

Lushoto Tanzania
Lushoto Tanzania @creative commons, photo by Pequod76

#Usambara Mountains

Lushoto is located in the West Usambaras, so if you go there, then you could technically say you’ve been to the Usambaras mountains. However, if you’d like to go a step further than most other tourists, consider going deeper in, to Mambo, which is a tiny village. The views there are a great deal more beautiful than the ones you’ll see in Lushoto; in fact, on a clear day, you’ll be able to see Kilimanjaro.

Usambara Mountains Tanzania
Usambara Mountains Tanzania @creative commons, photo by Joachim Huber



If you ever thought of hiring a climbing Kilimanjaro guide, going to Moshi, the capital of the Kilimanjaro area, is the perfect step in that direction, since it is located right at the base of the Kilimanjaro mountain, the highest in the entire continent, with 5, 895 m. As a climb, it’s incredibly popular, and you can pick options ranging from 6 to 8 or more days. There are different routes options available, and they depart from Moshi. Keep in mind that here you’re in for quite a climb. In addition, you will need a guided tour to embark on this journey.

If you feel like Kilimanjaro is too high for you, you can pick other hikes, such as Mount Meru, which is not quite as high as the former, though it’s by no means a small one, with its 4,500 m.

You can also go to the Materuni village if you’re a big coffee fan, as you’ll get an unforgettable coffee tour here. Moreover, you’ll also get to see the Materuni Waterfalls, which will blow you away.

Another option would be the Chemka Hot Springs, which is a popular place to go for a picnic and swim for tourists, as well as for the locals. The best part of it all is that you’ll be able to experience all of this while enjoying the Chagga people’s hospitality.


If you want to spend some time in another city full of excitement, then Arusha should be your next stop. Not only does this place give you a great taste of what Tanzanian life is like, but it also gives you plenty of opportunities to release your inner party animal. Most people spend about 2 days here, but if you have the time, consider spending more.

#Lake Manyara

Manyara lake offers you loads of beautiful, jungle views, giving you the amazing opportunity to see elephants, flamingos, as well as tree climbing lions. There are plenty of lodges and camps outside the park, and if that’s where you’re planning on staying then, don’t skip on going to the viewpoint, which is a favorite of the locals, particularly because of its breathtaking sunsets.

#Bagamoyo fishing village

If you’d like to get away once more from all the tourists, consider going to Bagamoyo, which offers a wonderful, true Swahili experience that you won’t forget anytime soon. It’s a fishing town with very chill vibes and plenty of sites filled with rich history.

#Dar es Salaam

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

To turn 180 degrees from the sweet fishing town just mentioned, Dar es Salaam is also an amazing spot to visit, though it is an incredibly busy city, which means that not everyone will love it. There’s plenty to do here, from visiting the Village Museum, to going to the Coco Beach, walking through the Fish Market, and shopping for wonderful, unique fabric on Uhuru Street. It also has an international airport, making it ideal for a last destination spot before heading home.

Tanzania offers a variety of unforgettable destinations, making it nearly impossible to pick just one. If you’re planning on visiting, consider freeing at least a few weeks for the occasion, to have a chance to experience this wonderful land as much as possible. Even so, you’ll probably want to come back again and again.


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