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Sports, adventure, living your life literally “on the edge”. This category honors the brave, in his crazy travels.

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Top 11 Bungee Jumping Sites In The World

7 Jan , 2011  

#1. Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambia – 500 ft (152 m) We found this beautiful “collection” of places where you can go bungee jumping across the world on Artsy Time. From dramatic mountain edges to bridges and tall urban buildings, these places will feed your need for adrenaline like no others when it comes to this […]

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Urban Skiing in Downtown Bucharest, Romania

6 Jan , 2011  

We ran across a video that got our hearts racing. It helped us, so we believe it will also help you cheer up. If you ever doubted Romania is a country where everything is possible, check this guy out! The video is about a fearless dude practicing urban skiing tied to a car in downtown […]


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Top 10 Photos from the Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2010

25 Nov , 2010  

While we were searching for new ideas about sports photography, an excellent competition came in our “way”. We’re not talking about winter events or extreme challenges, with lots of people and rankings. Actually, the winners are right here, in the following categories, but their real talent and accuracy gave them the knowledge to capture remarkable […]


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Transparent Kayaks and Canoes, Making Sport Effortless

18 Nov , 2010  

Taking water rides in transparent boats is nothing unusual. However, this post goes out to all of you out there practicing kayak or/and canoe. We thought it would be nice to share these spectacular transparent models, as we think they would completely transform a common practice into a fun exploration. What do you think? Could […]

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Fang in Veil Colorado, an Ice Climbing Challenge [VIDEO]

3 Sep , 2010  

The Fang in Veil is a majestic ice pillar, famous amongst the ice climbers in Colorado. The unusual ice fang only forms in extremely cold winters but when it does, it is the joy and target of anyone practicing this ice sport in USA. You probably guessed that this structure is part of a waterfall. […]

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Wingsuit Flying, a Thrilling, Unbelievable Experience

4 Jun , 2010  

We often reach the sky with our eyes and imagine flying through white clouds. Sometimes we are saved by a lonely bird who`s trying to embrace the wind with a majestic dance. However, many people really tried for a long time to succeed and to conquer their dreams at any costs, facing the impossible with […]

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Pictures Inside Waves by Clark Little

2 Jun , 2010  

We’ve decided to add an extra Tourism on the Edge category called “photos on the edge”. We think the “Inside Waves” photos from  Clark Little make for an excellent first post of this kind. Enjoy!

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“Walk the Skies”: Grand Canyon Skywalk

21 May , 2010  

The Grand Canyon is known worldwide for its spectacular landscapes. But here’s something we hope will surprise you. Situated 4,000 feet (1,219 meters) above the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is an ingenious structure, completed in 2007.  The concept is simple: you walk on a transparent pathway above the canyon and you feel like […]

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Tandem Skydiving Over Kilimanjaro

19 Oct , 2009  

Without trying to exaggerate in any way with this clisheeic saying, this could be you : Tandem Skydiving basically means that all your responsibility (jumping, pushing buttons on time) is passed on to another person. This particular program  involves sky diving over the Kilimanjaro Mountains ( 19300 ft high, btw). The exact place for take-off […]

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