We recently shared some interesting places to dine in London, while enjoying a bird’s eye view of the city. In this post, we will have a look at three extreme sports you can practice while visiting here, just in case sightseeing gets old.

#1. Ice Climbing on Vertical Chill

If you’ve never tried ice climbing before, Vertical Chill is a good option, whether you’re living in London or just visiting. The ice wall in the photos is located inside Ellis Brigham’s Tower House Covent Garden Store, within a refrigerated unit. According to the official website, the vertical platform starts in the basement and goes through on the ground floor of the shop, where there are viewing windows. As you may imagine, the temperature here ranges from -5°C to -7°C, so come bearing thick clothes.

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The wall is 8 meters high and ranges in steepness from a pleasant slab to a drastic over-hang with everything in between. It has plenty of routes, serving for both beginners and professional climbers. The costs for one person per hour vary from £25 to £50, depending on the gear you have and on what type instructor you want attending your session.

vertical chill, london

#2. Rap Jumping from a tower

Rappelling is something we love; the controlled descent from a rock situated in the middle of an open natural landscape is both thrilling and believe it or not, relaxing. But where can you do something similar when stuck in the cluttered city life? Apparently, Rap Jumping in London is pretty popular and you can try it out, facing your fear of heights. Descending three times off the tower shown in the images below (that is a total of 150 feet or 45 meters in one go) costs £45 and beginners are encouraged to come forward. You get all your instructions on site- which will make you feel safe and running down the Rap Jumping Castle in no time.

rap jumping, london

#3. White Water Rafting

Lee Valley White Water Centre is located in Hertfordshire,  just 40 minutes from central London. It is here that you can experience white water rafting adventures, as well as  canoeing and kayaking. Beginner classes are included and the cost for one session per person is £49 off peak and £59 during peak season (weekends from 3 May to 27 September).

white water rafting, lee valley, London 2white water rafting, lee valley, London

If you are visiting London on a budget, here is a list of interesting hotels and hostels.

If you have any other suggestions for extreme sports one can try out in London, feel free to drop a line and share your tips!


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