We do not always feel like admitting this to ourselves, but traveling has much to do with escaping. And this Swing at the end of the World is our idea of a perfect nature escape. Located in the Ecuadorian wilderness, the swing is reachable by hiking up the path to Bellavista from the edge of Baños de Agua Santa.

Photo by Rinaldo Wurglitsch

Discovered by TOTE on Atlas Obscura, the Swing at the End of the World is iconically integrated within an unusual treehouse. This dwelling is known as La Casa del Árbol and serves as a seismic monitoring station. Being dramatically positioned near the edge of a cliff, someone-we do not know who- came up with the idea for a swing over the neighboring drop. But one can not really see the “dangerous” side of this experience from the photos. All we can observe is a playful “activity” in the middle of raw nature. Located in a valley of waterfalls and hot springs, Baños is famous for its outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking and various complex outdoor tours.

Photo: Zak Erving
treehouse swing ecuador
Photo by Rinaldo Wurglitsch
treehouse swing
Photo by Rinaldo Wurglitsch
banos swing ecuador
Photo by Rinaldo Wurglitsch

Enjoy the video and swing safely!


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