Getting the right travel insurance is so important because it protects you against any disasters while you are away. If you get sick or injured it will cover your medical bills and it will also protect you if your trip is canceled for any reason.

It’s particularly important to get the right insurance at the minute because the pandemic means that your travel plans are more likely to be disrupted. Check out our quick guide to help you find the right policy if you are traveling during the pandemic.

Unfortunately, picking the right insurance policy doesn’t guarantee you protection because there are certain things that could invalidate the policy, which means that you will be unable to make a claim. People negate their policy without even realizing it and it comes back to bite them, so it’s important to know what the potential issues are. These are the top reasons why your travel insurance policy could be invalidated.

Visa Issues

If you make mistakes with your visa, your insurance company may not pay your claim. If, for example, you take out a tourist visa but you are working while you are out there, that’s a problem. You might run into problems if you don’t declare any previous criminal convictions too. It’s worth speaking with an immigration lawyer if you have questions about how to apply for a visa and which one you need. Any mistakes could invalidate your insurance and cost you a lot of money, plus you are likely to get a fine on top for breaching your visa.

Failing To Declare Existing Health Conditions

When you take out travel insurance, you will always be asked about existing health conditions. If you have any, it will cost you a bit more to take out the policy but any costs associated with that health condition should hopefully be included in the cover. However, a lot of people think that they can save money by failing to declare those existing conditions. The thing is, if you require medical treatment while you are abroad and you put a claim in, there is a strong chance that the insurance company will find out you lied about the existing conditions. In that situation, they have grounds to refuse to pay the claim, leaving you to foot the bill on your own, so you’re not really saving money at all. It’s always best to be honest and pay a bit more for a policy that gives you the cover you need.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

This one usually applies to injuries. If you get injured while you are away and the insurance company finds out that you were under the influence of excessive amounts of alcohol at the time, they won’t pay out. This will be considered to be your fault and you won’t be eligible for a payment, so be careful with your alcohol consumption.

Sports And Activities That Are Not Covered

There are some great destinations around the world where you can get involved with adventure activities and watersports, which is so much fun. Just make sure that you have the right insurance policy because a lot of policies won’t cover injuries sustained during activities that are considered dangerous.

Make sure that you avoid these common mistakes when traveling because they could invalidate your insurance and leave you in a very tricky position.


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