Whether you’re planning a small, cozy beach picnic or going all out with a unique destination proposal, romantic getaways can help reignite that fire between a couple. Moreover, when couples travel together, they can enhance romantic chemistry and intimacy and build cherishable memories.

However, there’s a difference between reading romantic novels and putting that theory to an actionable test. There’s tons of planning, organizing, and quarreling that goes behind executing a successful romantic getaway. Below we present some expert tips on how to plan an exquisite romantic getaway with your loved one. Keep reading to find out how to bring the spark back into even the most tedious of relationships.

Plan Mutually And Appropriately

It can be tempting to let loose the reigns when you’re traveling; after all, it’s supposed to be a getaway from your responsibilities too! However, to avoid embarrassment during your romantic holiday, try planning at least some parts of the trip.

Sit down with your partner and select an accommodation you both like. Next, if you plan to propose during the trip, consider the significance of a vintage or a classic pre-owned engagement ring, as it can symbolize a timeless and eco-friendly choice for your commitment. Discuss the idea with your significant other beforehand to ensure it aligns with their preferences. Last but not least, decide what activities you’d both like to participate in and then check their availability. When you put your time and effort into planning the trip, your partner realizes that you care about your time together and want to ascertain that everything goes smoothly. Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee on that front, though, and sometimes things will inevitably go wrong.

Organize According To The Seasons

Nothing ruins a romantic mood more than traveling with insufficient money, large crowds, poor hotel service, and congested transport. It’s a good idea to avoid going on a getaway during peak seasons, ensuring your trip remains convenient and lighter on the pocket.

However, if that isn’t feasible, you can search for a nearby romantic cabin and plan a sweet visit with your partner over the weekend. For instance, you want to connect with mountains and nature and avoid the city’s hustle-bustle while staying on budget. In that case, checking-in into a place like Pigeon Forge Hotels can make for the most peaceful romantic getaway.

Go All Out And Indulge

Like every other romantic gesture, adding a little personalized touch to your holiday can make a huge difference. Undoubtedly, lighting the room with scented candles or making a breakfast spread in bed are true classics. Still, getting some premium champagne and arranging a weekend cruise tour is even better. Another way to splurge on your romantic holiday is to ask a local spa if you can rent it out for a day. Is there anything more ideal than having the sauna, steam room, pools, and the entire spa all to yourself?

Put Other Things On Hold

Usually, the most significant cause of rifts between romantic partners is when one prioritizes work over the relationship. It’s best not to bring your work obligations with you on your holiday. Snooze your emails and put your phone on do-not-disturb mode. Also, try limiting your interaction with the rest of the world too, so you can finally give your partner your undivided attention. 

Year-round Meaningful Connection

Contrary to popular belief, romance connoisseurs recommend against saving your romantic holiday for a specific date such as Valentine’s Day, birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries. What’s the best kind of getaway, according to expert hotel concierges? The most impromptu kind, the ones that happen without reason but sweep your partner off of their feet.

What’s more, this way you can avail of great discounts, and you won’t have to deal with big crowds. Another excellent option is to plan your trip on a weekday instead of the weekend. 

Make New Memories

This tip doesn’t concern the planning phase of your holiday, but it’s essential nevertheless. Ideally, try bringing back a souvenir from your trip, one that both of you can cherish equally. For instance, it can be a framed picture outside your wood side cabin, a wall hanging, or even just a postcard that you both find special. Plus, you can get destination-specific accessories, jewelry, and t-shirts. These things can be beautiful memoirs of good times and shared love.

Don’t Do Anything You Can’t Afford

It’s important to remember that you can still have a memorable time with your partner without spending all your savings. And yes, there are ways to show your love without bringing your bank account to a negative balance. When working with a slim budget, try splurging on one thing while keeping a lid on other expenses.

Suppose your girlfriend likes staying in big, luxurious hotels. In that circumstance, you can go with an extravagant hotel room but pack home-cooked meals to avoid paying for dinner/breakfast buffet. To make it extra special, you can grab her favorite choice of wine or other beverages to compliment the food. Most times, you can find a nearby spot to have your food. Still, if the local weather doesn’t allow for such niceties, you can have your romantic dinner right inside your hotel room!

Include Some Adventure And Have Fun

Wanna know the secret to prolonged happiness in a relationship? It’s having fun once in a while. You must also make some room for adventure along with the necessary romantic heart-to-heart talks and candlelit dinners. Go bungee jumping or paragliding together. Explore new cuisines and learn new dances together. Alternatively, you can go for a long walk or drive together to escape your daily hassles.

To Summarize

Sometimes, we take our partners for granted and forget to put their needs first. And it’s a recurring theme in most of our modern romantic relationships. For that reason, it’s vital to put some time aside and plan a romantic getaway with your partner to strengthen your bond. This article discussed some tips for planning such a trip. These include going during the off-season, making new memories, having fun, and splurging a little.


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