In Spain, things to do are endless, from gorgeous sun-kissed beaches, drinks, entertainment, dance parties to museums, food stalls, historical sites, and architectural marvels. However, choosing the best can get tricky.

We have here a list of the thirteen best things to do when in Spain. 

  • Fabulous Art At The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao:

Frank Gehry’s architectural marvel, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, is one of the most stunning structures in the city. The beauty of the museum is in the exterior with the angled, sleek, silver cuts and is only second to the gorgeous contemporary masterpieces nestled within its walls. The museum’s reflection against the waterfront makes the museum even more picturesque during sunset.

Tip: When visiting, it is ideal to stay at Bilbao’s best city apartments, so you are within walking distance from the Guggenheim Museum.

  • Explore The Magnificence Of Ronda:

Ronda in Andalusia is like entering a fairy tale. The medieval town sits perched atop the mountains of the Malaga province and has some of the oldest bridges connecting different parts together. Ronda is also known for the annual bullfight, Corrida Goyesca, held at the Plaza del Toros Ronda.

Ronda things to do in Spain

  • Dine At The World’s Oldest Restaurant:

Botin was established in 1725 in Madrid’s Calle Cava Baja and holds the title for the oldest restaurant in the world (Guinness World Record). It is rumoured that Goya washed dishes in his youth. The famous author Ernest Hemingway also mentioned the pig roast from Botin in his fiction writings. Tip: Order the local wine to go with almost any local dish.

  • View The Halls Of The Moorish La Alhambra:

The famous Alhambra Moorish Fortress in Granada is a visible remnant of the Islamic influence in Spain. The stunning arabesques, picturesque gardens, and arched courtyards will make you feel like you have travelled back through time. This fortress complex protected all inhabitants from the invasion by the Christians. 

Alhambra Palace Spain

  •  La Sagrada Familia:

Center stage in Barcelona is the unfinished Roman Catholic Church of La Sagrada Familia, designed by Antoni Gaudi and still under construction even after 135 years! It is scheduled to be finished by 2026 and is already a stunning structure with stained glass, mind-bending designs, tall columns, and carved figurines.

  • Eat Paella In Valencia:

The paella in Valencia is out of the world! This paella is made with various meats like rabbit, duck, or chicken and is often mixed with snails and beans. Most Valencian locals have a favoured spot for their paella, and it is best to ask around and opt for the nearest one.

  • Hike Along The Camino Pilgrim Trails

There are numerous pilgrim trails to the city of Santiago de Compostela. You do not need to be religious to hike and walk along the pilgrim trails, and the achievement and sense of adventure are pretty thrilling. The pilgrimage follows in the holy steps of the Apostle St. James from France to Spain, till the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

  • Enjoy the Array of Tapas:

Tapas are bite-sized dishes and snacks served at numerous restaurants across Spain. You can order churros, patatas bravas, calamari, and more simultaneously, and eat the tapas together, as Spanish residents and locals do daily. 


  • Take a Flamenco Lesson:

For the Spanish people, dancing, eating, and drinking are traditional ways of life, and most locals love their national dance, the Flamenco. You can easily find a class or two with experienced tutors to help you with the moves. The Flamenco dancers in Seville are the best in the country, so hiring a local tutor is a great way to master the dance form quickly.

  • Experience La Tomatina festival:

La Tomatina Festival in Bunol near Valencia is one of the most incredible experiences in Spain. La Tomatina is a giant tomato fight where everyone throws tomatoes at each other, parties, and dances the day away. It is usually held in the last week of August.

  • Beaches of Malaga:

Malaga beachfront at Costa del Sol is famous for its sun, beaches, and pristine sea. Apart from the beaches, the gorgeous Cathedral of Malaga and Picasso Museum are also sights worth visiting. 

  • Visit The Spanish Isles:

Spain boasts of some of the most gorgeous islands like La Gomera (canary islands) and Ibiza (party destination). The beaches can get quite crowded during tourist seasons, but the islands’ interiors are peaceful and excellent for resting. 

  • Watch A Live Match:

You should visit the famous football stadium Camp Nou in Barcelona. The energy and beauty of the exuberance of people watching the match are unmatched, and most people go for the cultural experience.


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