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The Guadalevín River flows all the way through the city, separating it into two and creating dramatic landscapes. During the Reconquest of Spain by the Catholic monarchs, the city of Ronda was the last to fall because of the cliffs.

Ronda is a city located in the Spanish territory of Málaga. It is positioned about 62 miles (100 kilometers) west from the city of Málaga and is neighbored by the Andalusia region. The city is located on a mountainous area of an enormous outcropped rock approximately 750 meters above sea level.


This old-fashioned city is one of the leading tourist attraction spots in Spain because of its combination of picturesque and historic views. The central sights of the city can be effortlessly explored by foot.

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The “old town” is situated towards the northern side of Ronda and can be covered as a one-day expedition from the Costa del Sol. However, as a traveler you may also want to visit the Pueblo Blanco also known as the White Villages, which can be explored by extending your trip by a day or two. September is the finest time to visit the city because of Corridas Goyescas – the bullfighting festival and Feria de Pedro Romero – the Spanish Fair.

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Other notable places to visit in Ronda include Plaza de Toros – the famous bullring, La Casa del Ray Moro – the water mine and garden, the resorted 14th century Arab Baths, the New Bridge and the historic museum called the Palacio de Mondragón.

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