Whether traveling for fun or for business, you need to be prepared and know how to travel as smart as possible. Here are a few tips on how to do just that:

# Don’t Forget the Apps

Today, it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of time calling different airlines or even stay on the phone with a travel agent. There are so many apps that save you time by comparing rates from different companies and showing you the best deals pertinent to your travel. These apps work with not only airlines but also work with hotels, car rental agencies, and even all-inclusive vacation packages. By using these apps, you are potentially saving yourself a lot of money and undue stress.

# Skip the Checked Luggage.

If you are only going on a weekend getaway, or are simply traveling out of town for a short business trip, skip the checked bags. Not only are they exceedingly expensive they are usually not even necessary. Pack only what you absolutely need and get travel-sized versions of toiletries. Not only will you save money, but you’ll save yourself the headache of trying to find your luggage on the carousel when the flight is over.

# Don’t Drain Your Liquid Cash

If you are going away for a lengthier vacation, don’t drain your savings to fund the adventure. Instead, consider getting a personal loan to pay for it. This may sound counter-intuitive, especially if you already have the money saved, but it is actually quite smart. By taking a personal loan for your vacation and setting up a monthly payment that works for you, the savings you have set aside is still left usable in the event there is an emergency.

# Use Your Phone

Since almost every company on Earth has an app that you can download to your smartphone, it makes sense to download the app offered by the airline with whom you’re flying. By using the app, you’ll be able to check-in online and avoid long lines at the airport. You can also use your phone as a boarding pass as most airlines will send a barcode to your email or through the app that an employee can simply scan to get you on the plane.

# Don’t Forget Your Own Headphones

For longer flights, headphones are a necessity. Whether you are listening to your own music or you are watching an inflight movie, headphones will give you the audio experience and the solitude you are craving. Sure, many planes offer their own headphones, but they are generally very low-quality and expensive to purchase. Why hand over $10 for dollar store headphones if you can simply bring your own?

# Be Careful with Your Documents

It may sound paranoid to some, but there is a very real need to protect your documents from thieves. Simply keeping them on your person is not good enough anymore. These days, there are scanners that can electronically skim all of your information whether installed on ATMs or check-in kiosks to ones that can actually transmit the stolen information to a nearby receiver. Keep your important documents on you at all times while sealed in protective envelopes that radio frequencies cannot broach.


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