From beautiful Greek islands with memorable accommodation units (we are thinking Aquila Hotels in Crete for example or the spectacular caldera apartments to rent in Santorini) to famous city landmarks, approaching tourism in a conventional way does have its perks.

Going to famous cities, mountains, or islands can feel like crossing something of the list, but how about to spicing things up and visiting some intriguing secret spots in order to create memorable moments?

Naturally, you will first have to find these secret spots, and that requires some work.

Therefore, you need a strategy on how to do your research, so you can begin planning your unconventional trip. You can start with a well-updated online exploring map, making use of social media platforms, or reading travel blogs.

There are several options available. Follow our guide and learn the best ways to discover secret traveling spots.

Online Tools and Search Engines

Technology has evolved so much so that looking for a place to travel can be found with a few clicks. The main reason is that online, you can find well-developed search engines like Google Flights that will show you the location of any place in the world. By using the Google Flights Explore search function, you will find your dream destination in no time. All you need to do is put your traveling dates and the city where you are departing from, and in a couple of seconds, you will receive a plethora of destinations to travel to.

Additionally, you can use the features of the Explore map to zoom in on destinations and check them in more detail. This is a great way to come across places you may have never heard of before. Then, going forward will be easier. Once you find a place that sounds interesting, check all details about it, read its history, and make your travel plan. Also, while searching for some unique places to travel, you can check the prices of plane tickets and accommodation of the same. All of these will give you a clear picture and what you can expect once you start your traveling journey.

Social Media Platforms Focused on Travel

You can use social media platforms for travel research other than sharing posts. In fact, about 60% of Gen Z users and around 40% of millennials, use social media in relation to travel. This simply shows that if you know where to search and what hashtags to use, you will find your next trip destination. People very often share photos and videos of their travels using their social media profiles and label their posts with hashtags like, #hiddengems, #secretplaces, or #offthebeatenpath.

So, whatever your main social media channel is, type any travel-related hashtags you think will help your search and start looking for some exciting new places. If you find something you like and there is no location added, just text the person who posted the photo and ask for the location and recommendations on what to visit there.

Follow Travel Bloggers

Search online for the most famous travel bloggers and visit their blogs to read what they have to say about the places they have visited. You can learn a lot of things from experienced travelers because they tend to visit not-so-popular travel destinations. The reason is that they want to be among the few people who have seen some places around the world or even be the first person who got to a certain gem that has been well hidden for a long time. Following their work, you will come across valuable data and enjoy even more when planning your trip.

Local Recommendations

Connect with locals, either through online forums, social media, or in person. They can provide valuable insights into lesser-known places that tourists might not usually visit.

Read travel magazines

Another source of inspiration and information for selecting a trip destination is travel magazines. You may flip through the glossy pages of breathtaking photographs, and educational essays, and get expert advice about numerous travel places. You can also learn about the newest travel trends, discounts, and events. Additionally, travel magazines may help you stay up to speed on the best times and methods to travel, gain expert advice, and lead you to the best-kept secrets worth visiting.

What to look for exactly:

Historic Neighborhoods

Wander through older neighborhoods with charming architecture and a rich history. These areas can offer a glimpse into the past and a quieter atmosphere.

Bremen historic center
Bremen Historic Center, Germany

Hidden Beaches

Research hidden or lesser-known beaches that aren’t as crowded as popular tourist beaches. These beaches can be more peaceful and picturesque.

Underground Attractions

Look for underground attractions like hidden tunnels, catacombs, and hidden chambers. These can provide an intriguing and offbeat experience.

Ethnic Enclaves

Discover neighborhoods with strong cultural identities and vibrant immigrant communities. These areas often offer authentic food, traditions, and celebrations.

Final thoughts

The best thing to do is to travel to less popular places but to do that, first, you need to find them. So, use technology to do online research, check social media platforms, and follow popular travel bloggers. All of these will guide you to finding the best-hidden gems worth visiting.

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