If you’re thinking of heading out to Japan dreaming of a world of untold beauty, you will not be disappointed. Japan’s rich history of architecture, art and diverse landscapes promise a feast of stunning locations. Here are our top ten favorites:

  1. Chuereito Pagoda, Mount Fuji

Japan’s highest mountain can be seen from multiple angles, but there’s no better place to photograph this iconic landmark than from the gardens of Chureito Pagoda.

  1. Temple of the Blue Waves, Seigantoji

Japan’s multiple pagodas are noted for their architecture, but few are surrounded by breathtaking scenery. Sitting on the banks across from the 430ft Nachi no Taki waterfall, the Blue Waves Temple in Seigantoji is a spectacular exception.

  1. Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto

Visitors to Kyoto will be disappointed to leave without paying a visit to the stunning Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. Although the forestry gets all the plaudits, you should also pay a visit to the nearby Tenryuji Temple.

  1. Kenrokuen Garden, Kanazawa

Noted as one of Japan’s hidden gems, Kanazawa is one of the best-preserved historical sites in the country. Its meaning in English translates to ‘Marsh of Gold’, so-called for its architectural riches including Kanazawa Castle and the not-to-be-missed, Kenrokuen Garden.

  1. Toyama Bay, Hokuriku 

Toyama Bay can be counted among the most spectacular sights in the world. It’s a magical spot in its own right but becomes an unbelievable spectacle at night when the Firefly Squids emerge and illuminate the shores of the bay.

  1. Daigo-ji, Kyoto

The meaning of the word Daigo is a figurative way of saying ‘creme de la creme.’ When you approach this Shingon Buddhist Temple, nestled in the colorful trees across the lake, it’s easy to see why the builders labelled it in such esteemed honor.

  1. Osaka Castle Park, Osaka

Wind through the towering office blocks of Osaka and you come out to the oasis of Osaka Castle Park. Towering above the pink-leaved cherry trees, citadels, gates and turrets is the majestic sight of the 16th Century castle.

  1. Shukkeien Garden, Hiroshima

Japan’s reputation for ornate gardens is unrivalled. One of the most stunning is the Shukkeien Garden built by Asano Nagaakira in 1619. Noted as a national treasure, this scenic spot is the perfect escape from the hustle bustle of city life.

  1. Sensoji Temple, Tokyo

Boasting a history of half a millennium, Sensoji is Japan’s oldest temple and was the reason why the village of Asakusa near Tokyo became a town. As you walk around the temple complex, take time to marvel at the charismatic gates, ornate statues and complex architecture of its impressive pagodas.

  1. Fields of Shibazakura, Shibazakura

Situated in the Five Lakes of Fuji region, Shibazakura boasts some of the most picturesque scenery in Japan. With Mount Fuji as a backdrop, the regions sprawling fields brighten the landscape with vast areas of colourful pink moss.

To get the most of your trip to Japan, why not take an escorted guide tour so you don’t miss the country’s most spectacular scenery and must-see sites.


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