Whatever the reasons, whether it’s due to circumstances, impulse, beautiful beaches or a desire to make a new start in life, making a move to California can be the beginning of a wonderful adventure.

And whether you’re looking at Sacramento homes for sale or one-bedroom apartments in Naples, here’s how to prepare for that move to the Golden State.

List your priorities

Write out everything you’ve ever wanted in a dream home, the perfect neighborhood, and what you hope to accomplish from these things in your future. If you’re moving with your family, include them in the process to make this move more exciting for them too!

It may sound simple, but when there are a million things to consider and the pressure is on, this list of priorities will be your golden ticket to the perfect move.


Find the perfect location 

California is rife with different cities and neighborhoods that are full of various cultures, characters, and classes of people. What matters most is that you understand what the best location in California is for you and your loved ones only.

From the quietest streets to the loudest corners of the Golden State, where you choose to finally settle down matters. Try to take a long walk around your chosen area, or spend weekends and evenings nearby to get a feel of what the true spirit of that part of California is.


Understanding the economy 

California can lay claim to being in the top five economies worldwide. That’s right. Not just in the United States – the entire world. From the pinnacle of technological developments in Silicon Valley to the glistening gleam of Hollywood hopefuls, the Golden State has a robust economy that’s unlike any other.

Hollywood California

What lies beneath that glitz and glamour? The backbone of California’s income is in agriculture, providing global support to other countries with fresh produce and crops. This combination of good old-fashioned hard work and entertainment hotspots gives California one of the world’s most varied and prosperous economies.


View as many homes as possible 

Now you know what you want, where you can get it, and what makes that area so financially viable, it’s time to get in the race for those all-important open house viewings.

Despite the short time allocated to viewings, you can make the most of it by looking into the fundamentals of a home, like the water pressure, the wiring, and more. Ask questions about why the seller is leaving, the potential schools, and even look at the route to and from your job online.


Don’t lose sight of your goals 

When you’re finally settled and situated, it’s time to take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. But wherever you end up making your new home, never forget that first list of priorities and your initial reasons for the move itself.

If you’re able to do that, you’ll have not only prepared yourself for the perfect first few weeks in a new home, but you’ll also keep your objectives in mind to make your move a memorable one that matters.


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