Italy is among the most visited countries in Europe and people from around the come to see the architectural marvels. Every region of the country has its own attractions, charm, and beauty. This is probably why, despite the coronavirus outbreak in early 2020 Italy will still be a top world destination in the years to come.

There are tons of places to see in the country and plenty of things to experience. One trip will certainly not be enough to explore the beauty of the peninsula. And since the country is more and more touristy with every year, be sure to find flight deals to Italy in advance.  Without further ado, here are the main reasons why Italy escapes rank high on travel lists around the globe:

#1. There are Gorgeous Beaches Everywhere

Italy has a coastline of over 5000 miles, meaning that you are never far away from the beach anywhere in Italy. No matter what your beach style is, you can always find one for you. From the clear blue water found at the bottom of the Puglia to the Lido, there is a beach in the country for every season and every mood. The island of Sardinia has more than 500 beaches. The further you go towards the south of the country, the climate gets mild, which means you can go to a beach in the country at any time of the year.

Beach in Cala Gonone, Italy
Beach in Cala Gonone, Italy

#2. Italian Cuisine is Fantastic

Italian food is incredibly delicious and sought-after world-wide. Italy is a regional country, and food also varies from region to region. One dish you will find common in every region is gelato. This cold, creamy treat is a popular afternoon snack of Italians. Roman food is hearty and includes pasta with a few ingredients and bold flavors. Couscous and raisins are popular in Sicily having strong Arabic influences. Stews served with apple streusel and polenta are popular in the north. Seafood is mostly eaten in Amalfi Coast. Thus, Italian cuisine is fresh, flavorsome, colorful, and delicious. No matter which region you visit in Italy, you will taste different flavors maintaining the same Italian character in its cuisine.

pizza Italy

#4. Island Life Experiences

There are more than 500 islands in Italy. Elba, Sicily, and Sardinia have their own unique cuisines and landscapes. Sicily has Aeolian Island and Egadi Island with a lot of islands in between. Capri is a glamorous island in close proximity to Rome, Naples, and Florence, where you can dance at one of the island’s hotspots. You can also go hiking on Palmaria Island or go to thermal baths on the islands. Don’t miss to dazzling islands of Italy. Each island has its own charm, beauty, and attractions.

Lipari Island Greece
Lipari Island Greece

#4. Adorable Venice

Venice has such a romantic vibe that you don’t need to be a honeymooner to fall in love with the vibe of the city. This colorful and picturesque town offers a postcard at every step. The famous Grand Canal is the most sought after destinations in the world. Moreover, the city is colorful, has amazing churches and museums, great seafood, amazing shopping places, and is full of life.

San Giorgio Maggiore
San Giorgio Maggiore Island in Venice

#5. UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Italy has more historical sites than any other country in the world. The country has 51 UNESCO world heritage sites. The historical towns of Tuscany, Florence, and Siena are on the list. Paestum and Agrigento have the magnificent ancient temple ruins. Don’t forget to see the volcano of Mount Etna. Italy is an amazing living museum having a treasure trove of UNESCO designated monuments and heritages in Rome, Naples, Roman Forums, and beautiful villages of Cinque Terre.

Tuscany Italy
Tuscany, Italy

#6. Diverse and Dramatic Landscapes

Landscape diversity is huge in Italy. The language, cuisine, attractions, and landscapes vary from region to region. Some of the popular diverse regions in Italy are Umbria, Sardinia, Lombardy, Tuscany, Liguria, Campania, and Calabria. All of them are filled with beautiful landscapes having variations in sights. Due to its dramatic landscapes and regional diversity, Italy is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The magnificent lakes of the country are its real treasure. Lakes Como and Garda are the top tourist attractions and central Italy also boasts Lakes Vico, Bracciano, Bolsena, and Albano.

Dolomites Italy
Dolomites mountains, Italy

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