This summer, life should return to some degree of normal. Something that many people have really missed this last year or so during lockdown is traveling, and as traveling will most likely be much more possible come summer, it is looking like summer trips are the ones to plan! And of course, that means now is a great time to get new pieces to carry us on through our travels.
If you are ready to add some travel pieces to your collection, here are some pieces to help you gear up:

# A trendy backpack to carry your things on day trips

There’s nothing worse while traveling than having a backpack that gives out on you. So your starter piece to consider for traveling is always your luggage, and especially a backpack for daily outfits and your carry-on bag. Get a quality one so that it can withstand all the traveling, and still look great during and after your trip. You can find quality handmade Italian backpacks online on sites like Mirta for example, that carries many artisanal brands of incredible quality and great style. If you are indecisive of the size, try to visualize all the things you would need to fit and measure them carefully to ensure it’ll all fit.

# Portable UV sanitizer

While you always want your standard hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes, add on a portable UV sanitizer to travel with so that you can sanitize your phone, high-touch items and masks while you’re on the go.

# Collapsible travel pillow 

A collapsible travel pillow is that extra piece of travel equipment that many people end leaving behind if they don’t have the space for it (if they don’t have a collapsible one), but it can really make all the difference in terms of the comfort and your sleep during your travels. Use it to lean against the window of public transport, and to prop your head whenever you need a little extra support.

# Portable phone/camera tripod

Unless your camera’s phone can do magic with night photos or movement, a portable phone tripod could come in handy. There is an array of them out there, so you can choose one that will give you the flexibility you need when taking exquisite photos. The tripod can also work for small, compact cameras, such as mirrorless models for example.

# A journal 

While you’re out and traveling again, you want to remember it all! Bring a journal with you so you can write down your experiences and have it to look back on one day down the road. This travel journal is something you’ll be thankful you kept for years down the line. While photos are also incredible, having the written journal and your thoughts while on the go make for the perfect pair.

#A metal straw

A metal straw is something you’ll probably use a lot more than you expect. It is not only more sustainable that plastic straws, but also in many places in Europe, for example, plastic straws are banned. You can rinse your straw while on the go and easily wash it so you can continue reusing it throughout your travels. Plus, you’ll be happy to have it on a bumpy trip!

Traveling this time around may be different, but at least we will be able to explore the world again soon!



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