Are you curious about what family adventures in UK are worth exploring? We gathered a list of nine activities that are not only safe for children, but also rank high when it comes to having fun outdoors. Moreover, the experiences below address both kids and adults and are guaranteed to encourage family interaction. Enjoy!

#1. Surfing in Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Sennen beach

The Sennen Surfing school, located on Sennen beach, Cornwall, offers surf lessons for absolute beginners, including curious and adventurous children. A single lesson costs GPB30, and the price goes down for packages of 2 or more courses, as well as for groups. This takes us where we want to go: a 2-hour course for a family of four is priced GBP 100.

#2. Canoeing & Kayaking on Wye River

The fifth longest river in the UK, river Wye offers perfect conditions for kayaking and canoeing. Despite a total length of 134 miles (around 214 kilometers), only a few sections are suitable for adventure sports. On a positive note, the open sections are perfect for a wide range of skills, from beginners to experimented water sports enthusiasts. And you can still go as far as 100 miles across the river. Moreover, there are plenty of campsites on the shores, as well as places to eat and drink.

Canoeing with your family on river Wye is not only possible, but highly recommended. You can either hire a a Canadian canoe for up to 4 people, or try joining an existing group tour. Once inside the canoe, enjoy the lovely swans, the bridges and beaches along the way. The minimum age for children embarking on a canoe adventure on rive Wye is four.

#3. Hiking in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales

With many types of hikes of various intensity and almost 100 lakes, Snowdonia National Park in Wales is a beautiful and friendly way to spend time outdoors. Why is this on our list of adventures to try out with your family? Because it offers an array of exciting things to do, from the more comfortable trip on the Snowdon Mountain Railway to hiking up Snowdon mountain with kids who are relatively experienced.

#4. Tree climbing and ziplines in Queen Elisabeth Forest Park, Scotland

The Scottish highlands are a magical place to explore with family and Queen Elisabeth Forest Park is highly accessible in this sense. Aside from being home to lengthy bicycle tracks, a campsite and a cafe, the park also has some tree climbing tracks and zip lines you can try out.

#5. Wild camping in Cairngorms National Park

Snowsports enthusiasts and hill walkers are highly welcomed in the beautiful Cairngorm Mountain region, where one can explore the arctic vistas of the plateau. This is also a great place to initiate the little ones in their camping skills. There are many ways to make sure children are safe during extensive hiking: a bit of training in advance, proper outdoor gear and keeping track of their location at all times (for this, a monitoring instrument such as the mspy product could do the trick).

#6. Climbing Ben Nevis, UK’s highest mountain

The Ben Nevis ascent begins at the famous Loch Ness, where the children can already be introduced to some of the legends haunting the Scottish lands. Even though Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK, the altitude of the summit is not so alarming (only 4,406 feet or 1342 meters) and reaching it is completely possible even for amateur hikers.

#7.  Cycling in the Forest of Dean

If you are on the lookout for a place with uneven terrain and varied landscapes, then the Forest of Dean is the place to be. You can find accommodation in one of the many camping spots, try out glamping or sleep in a camper van. For families, there is a special cycling trail to explore, that connects bohemian villages and camping spots. The route has been well reconstructed and is suitable for children as well. It begins in the Cannop Valley and goes along the Wye railway.


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