Dinant is a lovely small town in Belgium, in the province of Namur, located 90 kilometers south of Brussels, in a picturesque landscape on the valley of Meuse. Due to the association with Adolphe Sax, the most famous of its inhabitants and inventor of the saxophone, Dinant is always where the musical action is. A lot of cultural events are held here in his memory, which makes this charming town an important tourist attraction.


The small town is dominated by two imposing buildings: the Citadel, built on a cliff that measures 100 meters and the distinguished Notre Dame Cathedral with its bronze dome. The Citadel is a former military fortress built  in 1820, reachable by car cable ride or by ascending 420 stairs built into rock. There is no need for public transportation in Dinant, as one can easily walk from one point of interest to another, it is that small.


Getting here is possible by plain from Brussels (Brussels South Charleroi Airport) or Liege, by train or car. If you ever get to Dinant, be sure to visit the Citadel, La Merveilleuse caves and the Cathedral. Take long walks and boat rides and try to plan your trip in August or July, when the saxophone events are held. If you happen to travel around Belgium during that time, you can search for other great places to visit in this guide.


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