There is no better time to enjoy the open water than during summer. As you and your family plan for a wonderful vacation in the marine world, don’t forget to prepare your boat. If your boat has been idle during the winter, you need to run a thorough checkup to ensure it’s in perfect condition to hit the waters again. Here are some tips to get your boat ready for the summer adventures.

# Clean the interior and exterior valet of the boat

If your boat was idle during the winter, you’ll need to clean it thoroughly to ensure there’s no mold or mildew. There are boat cleaning products to remove tough grime and protect the decks. Polish the stainless steel and apply some protector to keep your boat looking great.

In addition to the exterior, some interior cleaning is also necessary before taking your boat out for your favorite summer water sports. Remove any residue and ensure the boat completely dries to prevent future problems. Don’t forget to clean the heads and sparkling gallery as well.

# Check the boat battery

The battery function of your boat must be in top condition. You don’t want to risk getting stuck in the middle of the ocean when your battery dies. Make sure the battery terminals don’t corrode. Evaluate proper voltage using a DC voltmeter, and consult marine technicians to know how long the battery will hold a charge while in use.

# Prepare safety items and systems

Make sure your boat has enough life jackets to account for everyone on board. You can personalize your boat with gear that fits your style and needs best. Firms like The Custom Captain can help you with this process by providing a good range of personalised boat gear. These little personalized touches not only make your boat unique but also add to the comfort and functionality of your vessel.

You should also prepare a first aid kit in case someone gets injured.

Check the flares and fire extinguishers and ensure they’re working well before you start your trip.

You also need shade from the scorching summer heat. You should consider fitting a t-top on your boat and shade yourself from extreme weather elements.

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# Check the trailer lights

The exterior lighting of your boat is crucial. You should ensure you check them before you take a cruising adventure. Be sure to test turn signals, active lights, and brake lights. Make sure everything is working and in perfect condition before you take your voyage to the water. Even if everything is working perfectly, always have extra bulbs; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

# Clean and remove marine growth

Every boat lover should be familiar with marine growth at the bottom of their boat. Before you begin your summer boating activities, take your boat to clear waters, dive in and have a look. Marine growth increases the fuel consumption of your boat and slows it down. If there is growth at the bottom of your boat, get the appropriate cleaning supplies and remove it. Alternatively, you can take your boat to professionals and they will take care of the problem.


These tips are essential to prepare your boat and enjoy your ride with the rest of the family during the summer. You should also consider having a technician check your boat and give you the go-ahead to head out onto the water.


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