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Mind-blowing Opera Stage in Bregenz, Austria

30 Nov , 2010  

The Bregenzer Festspiele (Bregenz Festival) is famous and acclaimed for staging some of the most mind-blowing spectacles. According to the The Telegraph, Verdi’ s opera “A Masked Ball” in 1999 featured a giant book stage being opened by a skeleton. The uncommon staging and show took place on Lake Constance in Bregenz, Austria.( Photograph by […]

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Festivals and Events, Get Cultural

Nuit Blanche in Paris, When Artists Bring Light on the Streets

30 Nov , 2010  

Nuit Blanche or White Night is an annual all-night arts festival. Although this kind of event is spread all over the world, we have chosen to show you how things work in Paris. With its first edition in 2002, Paris Nuit Blanche has become an important annual celebration of culture, attracting hundreds of thousands of […]

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Eat & Chill

Restaurant in a Wooden Shell Served via Zip-Line: The Dining Pod, Thailand

29 Nov , 2010  

The Dining Pod at Soneva Kiri (a “six star” eco-resort) is located in a picture-perfect landscape on Koh Kood, Thailand’s fourth largest island. Suspended 16 feet (about 5 meters) over the shoreline, the Dining Tree Pod has some incredible views to offer for the couple seated at the table inside. Developed with a rigid frame swathed […]

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The Natural Root Bridges of Cherrapunji, India

26 Nov , 2010  

Deep within the southern Khasi and Jaintia hills (northeastern India), the humid and warm climate determines unusual natural shapes and rich vegetation. This is the place where bridges grow naturally instead of being built. The Ficus elastica is a a species of Indian rubber tree with very strong roots which have the ability to extend […]

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Top 10 Photos from the Red Bull Illume Image Quest 2010

25 Nov , 2010  

While we were searching for new ideas about sports photography, an excellent competition came in our “way”. We’re not talking about winter events or extreme challenges, with lots of people and rankings. Actually, the winners are right here, in the following categories, but their real talent and accuracy gave them the knowledge to capture remarkable […]


Europe, Hidden Places

The Unbelievable Alps Upclose [Time Lapse Videos]

24 Nov , 2010  

We found some amazing time lapse videos shot in the Swiss Alps by Chris Smith. Here is the information provided by the photographer: “A new series of timelapse movies which I recorded this summer and autumn in the Swiss Alps. Most locations are only reachable on foot, some need alpine hikes of 3-5 hours. I […]

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Holi, the Festival of Colors

22 Nov , 2010  

Holi is a religious festival celebrated by Hindus every year, on the day after the full moon in early March. Whether you’re in India or United States, Sri Lanka or United Kingdom, you will always find cheerful people to celebrate Holi.  During the main day, Holi is celebrated by people throwing colored powder and colored […]

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Transparent Kayaks and Canoes, Making Sport Effortless

18 Nov , 2010  

Taking water rides in transparent boats is nothing unusual. However, this post goes out to all of you out there practicing kayak or/and canoe. We thought it would be nice to share these spectacular transparent models, as we think they would completely transform a common practice into a fun exploration. What do you think? Could […]

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Europe, Hidden Places

Marloes Sands, the Thrill of a Solitary Beach

16 Nov , 2010  

Every step becomes a memory, the wind follows every breath in the thrilling symphony of birds. Silent waves caressing the finest sand, painted with the beauty of the skies. A look back shivers with the intensity of the moment, and life gets to become an unworldly experience, where past or future don’t exist, because time […]

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Travel Inspired

The Berg in Berlin: Building the Tallest Mountain in the World

14 Nov , 2010  

The Berg is an unusual project created by German architect Jakob Tigges. It consists of an incredible 1000 meter tall mountain that is likely to be built in Berlin. Here is more information from Arch Daily: “The objective is to create a natural habitat for the mountain’s wildlife and at the same time, become a […]

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Asia, Hidden Places

Shilin Stone Forest, China, Weird Rocks Pointing to the Sky

1 Nov , 2010  

The Stone Forest of Shilin is located in the Lunan Yu Autonomous County, southeast of Kunming Qujing Prefecture in Yunnan Province, China. This amazing “forest” is said to exist for over 270 million years, from the Paleozoic era and is considered a world wonder by the Chinese. Shilin Stone Forest consists of  karst landforms with […]

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