Road trips and outdoor living are some of the fascinating adventures in life. While summer may be the best time for going for these exciting trips, you don’t have to limit yourself to that season only.

Winter outdoor living can be possible, too, without freezing. Yes, you read it right. With RVs, you can comfortably opt for exciting winter adventures like snowshoeing or skiing without freezing yourself.

Most people think RVs are not a good winter travel option as the rigs have significantly less insulation than our homes. Moreover, RVs are made with some sensitive parts which the freezing cold temperature can damage easily.

In this piece, you’ll get to learn essential tips to live in an RV for winter without freezing. If you want to know about the topic in detail, continue reading!

1.   Keep your water supply protected

The freezing cold temperature will surely free your water, and it is not good for RV living. Iced water inside the pipes can cause them to burst; hence insulation for the water supply is unavoidable while winter traveling.

You can also get a heated hose. The heated hose will prevent the pipes from freezing without stopping the water supply. Covering your pipes with a heat cable or pipe insulation works perfectly fine as well.

2.   Pay attention to proper insulation

Winter needs double insulation work. There are two ways to insulate the RV- Foam insulation and fiberglass insulation.

Foam insulation can be done in two ways: rigid foam or spray foam. Rigid foam can be cut into different shapes in different parts of the RV. You don’t need to cut the spray foam into different shapes, so they are a lot easier to use.

Fiberglass insulation is great for maintaining a consistent temperature inside the RV. But note that fiberglass insulation is easily susceptible to moisture and can easily cause molding. With fiberglass insulation, regular maintenance is necessary.

You can also use heavy drapes to block cold drafts and keep the inside warm. Insulated curtains are another option to survive the cold and protect your RV from freezing.

3.   Protect the RV engine

Before you venture out for a winter RV trip, properly inspect the engine. Check the batteries if there is any damage or corrosion. Also, never head out with a half-charged battery.

Partly charged batteries are more vulnerable to freezing temperature and can easily die. So make sure to charge your batteries fully before starting your trip. Additionally, inspect the engine antifreeze and refill it with an accurate antifreeze concentration and water.

Use at least 50% antifreeze in winters to keep the engine protected. If you’re camping in an extremely cold place, an engine block heater is a must. It will warm up the engine before you start the RV.

4.   Cover any holes or dents

The heat can escape through holes and dents, which surely are not in your favor during winters. Hence, cover all the windows and make sure they are properly sealed. If the RV has very old windows, replace them with new and better ones.

Covering your windows is also essential to prevent heat loss. Use plastic or bubble wrap to cover the windows and prevent heat loss.

5.   Add heating sources

Adding heating sources is a must for RV living in winters. There are lots of heating sources available like an electric fireplace, infrared heaters, ceramic space heaters, etc.

The propane heater is another option, but it needs regular refills. If you are carrying one, make sure to stock up on enough refills before heading out for the outside trip.

6.   Get an RV skirt

Skirting the RV is crucial to keep the cold away. It will prevent the cold winds from accumulating and frosting and will protect the RV from freezing underneath and its important parts.


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Mentioned above are some of the top tips that will help you keep the RV, and you warm during freezing winter trips. Are you planning an RV road trip in the winter already? If yes, these tips are a must for you.

Give it a good read and follow them while you are on the move; for more useful tips, keep visiting this place. If you have any more questions, slide into the comment section below!


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