The long road in front of a hood, a good friend on the passenger seat, and a map unfurled in their hand: that’s how road traveling used to look like in the past when the worldwide web and GPS navigators functioning with satellite connections were nothing more but elements of science fiction movies.

While catching a nostalgia feeling about those trips, you might want to feel that spirit of the past today. And yes, that’s possible. Whether you rent a camper van or go in your own dream house-on-wheels, a road trip is an experience of a lifetime. No room for sleeping inside the van? Choose one of the best roof top tents of 2020, which can be installed on top of your vehicle.

In this post, you’ll find the world’s best highways with their landscapes able to make you fall in love with road tripping once and forever. So grab a friend, pack some vegan chips :), turn on your favorite music, roll the windows down, and go driving! These roads are marvelous.

#South Africa: Chapman’s Peak Drive

Many roadtrip enthusiasts definitely left their hearts and minds in South Africa throughout the decades since car traveling became possible and popular. Arguably the most beautiful road in the country (and maybe on the continent) is Chapman’s Peak Drive.

The highway is not too long, but it is absolutely adorable. As for me, the route passing by the Atlantic shore between the South Cape Peninsula and Cape Town city can be called a Mecca of roadtrip enthusiasts.  Whenever you get in the region, please don’t refuse the satisfaction of renting a car and seeing it with your own eyes.

The greatest time to go through Chapman’s Peak Drive is during sunsets. The direction – towards Cape Town. Going further along the coastline will bring you another cool view of the Twelve Apostles (Victoria Road right before Camps Bay).

#USA: Route 66

Known as America’s “Main Street,” this 2451-mile-long highway used to be the head transport artery to the West Coast by the time of its opening in the mid 1920s. Also famous as “The Mother Road,” the route carved in stone by John Steinbeck in his classical novel The Grapes of Wrath passes through eight states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois.

You should be able to legally take a road trip along Route 66, even if you have a checkered history. For those with DUIs, choose SR22 auto insurance. This allows you to travel across the US, even if you have had a conviction. You can also get travellers insurance that covers you while you’re on the road, usually for upwards of three months, depending on how long you’re staying and your country of origin.

The atmospheric trip will bring even more impressions after you get in old-school side-road motels, diners with neon lights, soda fountains, and repair stations. It’s literally the experience a traveler should never refuse!

#Canada: The Icefields Parkway

Let’s go to the very Northern part of the American continent, and see what Canada has to offer for roadtrip experiences.

Arguably the most picturesque highway in Canada is The Icefields Parkway. Going from Banff NP to Jasper NP, it has over 100 waterfalls, glaciers, and other top-beauty landscapes one could ever see in the world. To get maximum impressions from this road trip, devote some time to discover the region. Try not to simply drive it through, but make frequent stops and enjoy the views.

#USA Again: Pacific Coast Highway

Here comes the United States once more, with another cool road called Pacific Coast Highway. As you might already understand, the road hugging the ocean coast is always a treasure chest for every traveler.

Choose the starting point of your trip as you want. For instance, it will be great to begin in San Diego and pass through the longest highway in the entire state with stops in Los Angeles and Santa Cruz to reach the final point in San Francisco. However, the reverse route is also bound to be cool.

It’s your call.

#Norway: Trollstigen (Troll Ladder)

No matter how experienced you are as a road traveler, you are bound to lose your mind when you see this serpentine highway in Norway. If it is really going to be your first roadtrip impression, I’m envious of you.

Being among the top-popular places for tourism in the country, Trollstigen is usually crowded. So, to guarantee yourself the greatest impressions possible, you might want to come here in the morning (I mean, really early) or late evening. There is also a lookout sight allowing to see the entire highway at once. Seeing the road from aside is probably even more exciting than passing through it by car, so don’t miss it!

It would be best if you kept in mind that Trollstigen only functions from May to October. So, plan your trip to Norway regarding this fact.

#Bolivia: Death Road

There is a 65-mile-long road in the highlands of Bolivia, where only 10 to 12 feet separate your car from becoming a bad plane. The North Yungas Road, including a pass also famous as the Death Road, goes down from La Paz to Coroico in the subtropical zone.

They built a much safer bypass of the road not so long ago, but extreme bikers and drivers still prefer the old lane highway quite frequently. It’s too tempting to see the area open downside from a bold ridge with its height reaching over 15 thousand feet.

Bolivians usually drive on the right side of the road. However, they recommend choosing the left half when passing the North Yungas. That’s how you have better chances not to fall off the unguarded road edge.

To Conclude

No matter which road you will pick to become your first roadtrip challenge, you’ll definitely like the experience you are going to get. Stay attentive, drive responsibly, take care of yourself, and enjoy your new hobby!


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