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Located in the countryside between Tuscany and Rome, this tree house in Arlena di Castro invites travelers to reminisce about childhood. We discovered this gem in La Piantata, a farmhouse surrounded by century-old oaks and unspoiled nature.
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From the owners: “Eight meters off the ground, among 12 hectares of lavender hills, in the dense foliage of a century-old oak, Renzo Stucchi has built a dream nest. Set apart from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is the perfect place for day-dreaming, observing, reading, writing, listening to music, being alone, feeling good, resting and loving each other.”

Named Suite Bleue, this tree house in Italy accommodates a double bedroom, a terrace surrounded by leafy fronds and a spacious bathroom. Prices for this glamping unit start from 390 euros per night, with breakfast included.

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