Are you eager to start planning your next adventure across the world? Do you already have that dream destination in your head, and you’re ready to be whisked away on the perfect trip abroad?

We believe that responsible travel not just good for the planet and the people around, but for the person initiating it as well Here’s how to make sure your next holiday is the best and most memorable trip yet.

Prepare a list and don’t overpack

Have you ever been on a plane or unpacked in a hotel room only to discover that you’ve completely forgotten to pack something important? We’ve all been there.

But sometimes, that simple oversight can spell disaster for your trip abroad, which is why it’s important to prepare a list well in advance of your departure to make sure you have most of the things you need. From medications and passports to women’s toiletries or mens sunglasses, it’s important that you list out your everyday products and accessories to make sure that if they’re needed, they’ll be packed!

However, keep in mind that you are going to a habitable place, so it is likely you will find things in case of emergency. Packing light is good if you plan to move a lot (for example, on an island), so consider this option as well.

Try and learn the language 

No one expects you to become fluent in a new language overnight. However, there’s no harm in making a little effort and picking up a few standard phrases and sentences in the language of the place of your chosen destination.

The majority of locals abroad will have most likely experienced severe language barriers between themselves and tourists, so why not show them that you’re different?

Interact with the local community

Make time to interact with local communities and ask people about their lives. This will also give you a chance to gather advice on how to experience the true feel of the town or city you’re staying in.

Vietnam people

It’s easy to get sucked into the same old tourist haunts, but this allows you to find some of those hidden treasure haunts that make a trip abroad so very special and unique. As long as you’re polite and friendly, you’ll find most locals to be extremely welcoming.

Support local businesses 

Use these interactions as an opportunity to buy from local stores and producers. Unlike other tourists who stick to the same old chain stores, you’ll be giving back to the local community and helping families to put food on the table. Most places will have a fresh food and vegetable market to explore, and smaller, family-owned eateries that really give you an insight into the local cuisines and cultures.


It’s true that not all countries have a recycling system in place. But whenever possible, try to stay focused on the idea of liming your spending for unnecessary things and throwing away plastic where it should be thrown away. Staying true to environmental values while abroad is a great sign of respect.

Some Things are Better Left Unplanned

Yes, there will always be some iconic landmarks you must see while there. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also find the time to just be in the moment and let the area you’re staying in guide you towards some unexpected adventures.

Give yourself one day to just wake up and take a walk around without any concrete plans. You never know what’s hiding around that street corner and the memories you can make. A good trip abroad needs a little spontaneity to make it special!

Putting the above ideas into action will lead you to a trip that’s more memorable and rewarding. And by developing a deeper appreciation of the world around you, you’ll soon be desperate to apply these tips to every trip you make in order to keep growing as a person from these experiences.


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