round the world travel James AsquithHats off to James Asquith, officially the youngest person who visited every country on the Globe. It took James five years and £125,000 to achieve the ultimate round-the-world travel dream, founded by part-time jobs he had been having since the age of 16, including working in hostels in far away places.

Unlike most RTW travelers, this brave roamer also visited less “tourist-friendly” countries, such as North Korea, Libia and Egipt.
first person to travel the world by 24Here is a little insight into his experience: “Vietnam was the first independent country I went to and I spent nearly three months there. I also spent about five months in the US and Canada, getting to 27 states from Hawaii to Alaska”. The British 25-year-old currently works as a banker in London. You can read the entire story on Daily Mail.

north korea james Asquith
Left: North Korea; Right: Hawaii

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