Today we decided to share with you a project named Sunda, a versatile tent and hammock discovered on Kickstarter .

We have to say we are big fans of Kickstarter not only for promoting some of the most creative projects around the world, but also for its mission to bring in the spotlight innovative ideas and joyful people.

Without further ado, here is what the team of enthusiasts at Kammock has to say about their new toy called Sunda: 2+ Person Tent & All-in-One Hammock:

Is it a Tent? A Hammock? An Animal? Yes, Yes, and Yes. You asked us for a world class tent. And we asked ourselves, what if?

Then, as the lovers of hammocks that we are, we wondered, “why not use what we know about hammocks and take this tent off the ground?” Add a little inspiration from the animal kingdom (a flying lemur named the Sunda!), and we were off to the races…



We know the difficulty of matching variable landscapes with the changing needs of your daytime, nighttime, and weekend adventures, so we’ve created a product that can do it all, and then some. Think of the Sunda as four unique shelters in one: your best-in-class tent, all-in-one camping hammock, ultra-light shelter, and minimalist hammock.

#No trees? No problem

Sunda tent & hammock (3)

The Sunda stands alone as a best-in-class, freestanding 2(+) person tent. Stretching to 8 feet 4 inches long and 4 feet 2 inches wide, tent mode boasts 35 square feet of the most livable space of any tent in its category. Built with cutting-edge, ultra-durable fabrics and constructed with time-perfected production techniques, the Sunda outlasts and under- weighs comparable tents.

# Rocky ground? Go aerial.

The Sunda doesn’t stop as a ground dweller. Modeled after the Sunda Flying Lemur, this tent transforms and goes aerial, converting to a one-person, all-in-one hammock shelter. Elevate your overnight experience, give your back a break from the rocks, and let the gentle breeze rock you to sleep.


#Traveling light? Beat the heat

Using Sunda’s fly, poles and footprint to create an on-the-go sanctuary, Fly Light™ mode acts as an ultra-light shelter to save pack weight in circumstances not requiring insect protection. Fly Light™ mode opens new opportunities for use as a pool-side beach shade, park picnic shelter, festival VIP hangout, and more.

Sunda tent & hammock (7)

#Good weather? Easy Access

Kick your feet up on minimalist adventures and bring your afternoon read into the trees — and even let two companions share your Sunda’s Fly Light™ ultralight shelter. In hammock only mode, you can have the mesh hang underneath for easy ‘lounge mode’ access, or you can engage the ridge line and attached the no-see-um mesh above you for ‘jungle mode’.

Sunda tent & hammock (2) Sunda tent & hammock (6)


If  you like this freedom-tent, check out their full presentation on Kickstarter and back their project. And please let us know about your outdoor adventures with Sunda!


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