When traveling, we are overwhelmed by new and exciting events. In these moments of escape, keeping our smartphone protected is the last of our worries. Which is why for today we decided to be a little tech-conscious and find an easy fix to this issue.

Because smartphones are like small computers, they can be easily hacked. It is best that personal information such as banking, work documents or social media accounts stay safe. With an Android antivirus app, it can. We discovered the free AVG Antivirus application, which has some great reviews.


# Antivirus Capabilities

Once you download the Google Play antivirus application, you will find the app goes straight to work protecting your device. The antivirus capabilities work hard to ensure that your device is not susceptible to new viruses, malware or spyware. Unwanted callers are blocked along with unsafe applications. You can worry less about the security of your mobile device and just enjoy using your smartphone. The application works in the background silently, protecting your device from nasty threats.

# Anti-Theft Assistance

One of the best features provided by the AVG Antivirus application is the Anti-Theft assistance. With that anti-theft capabilities, your mobile stays secure even if lost or stolen. When lost or stolen, use a different device to access the AVG Anti-Theft website to use Google Maps to locate your device. Once located, you can choose to remotely lock your smartphone. This way, no one can access your information.

The app even offers a blaring alarm you can set off to deter thieves or to help locate the mobile. Overall, the application offers a ton of features in free mode to help you protect your device. There is also the chance to upgrade to the Full Protection package for more security protection.


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