When you go rock climbing, many things are bound to pop up as you secure your way to the summit. Slippery rocks for example, challenging grips or even peculiar insects. The last thing you would expect to encounter on the cliff is a gear shop.

Working on the cool side of marketing, outerwear specialist 37.5 installed a temporary pop-up store on the Bastille cliff at Eldorado Canyon State Park in Colorado, USA. The “store” was suspended 300 feet (around 92 meters) high and for two days it offered assistance for the climbers making their way up.

The shop was run by cheery Dave Bywater, an experience climber, who popped his head out to greet the mountaineers. Moreover, when the weather went bad, Dave supplied them with fleeces and other items necessary to keep the climbers’ temperature regulated.

You can see amazing footage with the location of the “Cliffside Pop-Up Shop” in the video below.

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